Good day, and welcome to the information page for all things merchant at Great Northeastern War!


Credit: Brenden Crane 2016

Merchants Row is always a popular destination for visitors to the war. Last year, we hosted more than 40 merchants ranging from crafting materials and musical instruments to pottery and 3D selfies. If you are interested in signing up to be a merchant this year, registration is now open. Sign up here.

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More information about merchanting at GNeW XXXII can be found here.

This year, just like last year, there will be a charging station available at Merchant’s Point for cell phones and other small devices. Please donate to the charging station so we can continue to provide this service!

War Points

Shop your way to victory!  Your purchases in Merchant’s Row contribute to a War Point that goes to whichever side spends the most money.  Forms for the War Point are available at each merchant’s booth or at Merchant’s Point. Forms must be turned in to Merchant’s Point or the Merchant Coordinator, Baroness Ellice de Valles, by 10 am Sunday.

Currently Registered Merchants for Great Northeastern War XXXII

If you have any questions about being a merchant at Great Northeastern War, please contact the Merchant Coordinator, Baroness Ellice de Valles.