War Points

The victor shall be determined in the following contests. See the specific activities page for details.

Heavy List
8 War Points

Woods Battle – 1 War Point
Town Battles – 2 War Points
Field Battles – 3 War Points
Bridge Battles – 2 War Points

Rapier Combat
5 War Points

Town Battle – 1 War Point
5-man Melees – 1 War Point
Field Battles – 3 War Points

4 War Points

Castle Clout – 1 War Point
Advancing Soldier – 1 War Point
Castle Window – 1 War Point
Hanging Suns – 1 War Point

Thrown Weapons
1 War Point

Arts & Sciences
4 War Points

Potables Competition – 1 War Point
Grand Exhibition (Adult) – 1 War Point
Grand Exhibition (Youth) – 1 War Point
GNE University – 1 War Point


1 War Point

Shop your way to victory!  Your purchases in Merchant’s Row contribute to a War Point that goes to whichever side spends the most money.  Forms for the War Point are available at each merchant’s booth or at Merchant’s Point.   Forms must be turned in to Merchant’s Point or the Merchant Coordinator, Lady Ameline Bernaerds, by 10 am Sunday.  See the Merchant List to start planning your shopping now!