Your GNEW Aunt would like you to know…

Good Morning from your friendly GNEW Aunt (Think of me as one of the Aunts from Practical Magic- I 100% endorse both chocolate cake for breakfast and midnight margaritas..or any margaritas, really). A couple of things to make sure you have the most amazing GNEW ever!

1) Bring bug spray. Maine has ticks. And mosquitos. Both of which want to be super friendly and be your friends, and you 100% do not need these kinds of friendships in your life. I know lots of folks really like all natural bug repellents, but I do recommend you have some Off Deep Woods (or something else with DEET) in your back pocket, just in case. The site has both fields and woods, which are places that both ticks and mosquitos like. A lot.

2) The weather in Hebron looks to be lovely next week-(…/daily-weather…/2183228) but just an FYI- while the highs will be in the high 70’s/low 80’s during the day, the nights are going to be under 60 degrees. (There’s a reason why we love Maine so much) I recommend packing extra bedding, and a heavier layer to wear at night time if you have it. Or find someone to cuddle with. You do you. And sun block. Bring all the sun block.

3) DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT bring outside firewood. It’s against in the law in Maine, and we’d prefer you leave your local firewood, with its local bugs and what not at home. There will be firewood for sale onsite, and there are loads of places along the way that have camp firewood for sale for very reasonable prices.

4) Speaking of fire- do not dig/build/borrow a fire pit. Portable fire pits are allowed and A OK, but you can not build one on site in the ground. Don’t upset your Aunt. I will be unhappy, you will be unhappy, no one will be happy, and there will be no chocolate cake for breakfast.

Please feel free to reach out either to myself , to the Event Steward or my fellow deputy with any further questions! We can’t wait to see you next week!

-Your GNEW Aunt, Meara MacNeil