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Arts and Sciences at Great Northeastern War

Go to to see currently scheduled classes and other events, Sign-Up to get a custom schedule, request to teach a class or request a scheduled meeting or other gathering.

Classes that are requested before June 15th, 2022 will be scheduled and printed in the site book. Classes can still be registered after that date, but are unlikely to be in the printed site book. The GNE University website is the definitive location for class schedule info, with the exception of last minute changes during GNE.


Want to learn a medieval topic, like heralding at an event? Interested in illumination or calligraphy? Go to our class scheduling site and see what’s available. No need to sign in if you want to see all classes, and the process is simple if you’d like to create and download a custom schedule. Click the Sign-Up button, and create a personalized schedule of the classes of your choice. We will be adding and scheduling classes until at least the first week of  June, so if you don’t find what you’d like, check back again later as instructors sign up and volunteer.


Not seeing a topic in the class list that you know something about? Even if you don’t think you’re an expert, you can certainly pass on a lot of useful information in about an hour.   Click the Sign-Up button on and then find the Become an Instructor link in the top menu or bottom of the home page. If you’ve ever taught at Pennsic you’ll find this very familiar, and if you haven’t, it’s pretty self explanatory. Before your first class you’ll need to acknowledge some rules and information, after that you will see the “Your Classes” link. Click it, then “Request a Class”. Fill in all the information you can as appropriate, click “Submit Class” and we’ll get it scheduled so you have a place to teach.

Other Events and Meetings

We are working to schedule all of our scheduled activities in the University Portal  If you have something you’d like on our printed schedule, please sign up like a teacher would above, fill in as much information is appropriate – a topic is required, just like lots of other web forms, if it has an ‘*’, please fill something in for that question. Make sure we have enough that will let us schedule your meeting, and click “Submit Class”. We’ll get you scheduled.

Problems or Questions? Contact Lady Mairghread Huntley at for assistance.