Malagentian Refund Policy

Individuals requesting event pre-registration refunds must contact the Event Steward and the Province Exchequer in writing, by paper or e-mail, at least one week prior to the posted event date and must include a valid mailing address.

Partial refunds for a group reservation where one or more individuals were unable to attend will be considered.

In the occurrence of an event cancellation, all pre-registration fees will be returned following current EK policy.

Requests received after this deadline will be considered on an individual basis and only in extreme or emergency circumstances, subject to approval by the Event Steward, Exchequer or Gate Coordinator and Seneschal. 

Refunds will either be issued in the form of a check drawn on the Provincial checking account, or if a check written by the individual has not yet been deposited and is of the correct amount, it may instead be returned.  Refund checks will be issued within 14 days of the filing of the event report. Cash refunds cannot be given. PayPal fees, if any, will not be refunded. 

Following receipt of a refund request, if approved, it will be submitted by the Event Steward, Gate Coordinator or Seneschal to the Exchequer.

Seneschal Election Information

At the December province meeting, we did accept a nomination and second for Mat Wyck (Matt Wickenheiser) to stand for election to the role of Seneschal to fill out 2021. No other nominations were made, but write-in candidates remain acceptable for the election.
All paid Malagentian members will receive a postcard with basic election information.
The election period will be open for 1 week, from January 8 through 15. No ballots will be accepted after midnight, Jan. 15.

Paid members over the age of 14 are asked to email their vote and SCA member number to . The chronicler shall identify two members not running for this office to verify the ballot count. All involved in the counting process shall consider the information gathered to be confidential, except for the ultimate numerical count. Put simply – no one outside of this process is to share information about who voted for whom.

The Chronicler shall announce the winner no later than 5 p.m. on January 17 via Malagentia’s official FB page, and through the Malagentia email list.

In the case of a tie, the Chronicler will announce the results and, following consultation with the Provincial officers, determine how to proceed with a runoff election.

Lady Shyvan Floyd, Chronicler of Malagentia

Bonus Archery Practice Tonight in Windham!

Greetings Malagentia! Today is an exciting day! Not only do we have an election for Seneschal but the Windham archery range will open for an official practice from 2-4pm. Sorry for the late notice, I will do better with future practices. Call 207-651-5837 for directions or with questions.


~Adrienne d’Evreus.

Proxy Votes due Wednesday Nov 30, 2016 by Midnight

Happy Wednesday! One more quick reminder about proxy votes for those folks that are not able to attend Thursday Night’s Province meeting at Doughboy’s in Westbrook. Tonight at midnight is the time to get in your guaranteed proxy vote for Malagentian Seneschal! I will do my best to get the votes that come in after that deadline, but I can’t guarantee it after that time. Email can be a tricky thing.

Please mail your vote and a copy of your current membership card to

PLEASE NOTE: There was an issue earlier this week with the EK servers and they were down for a bit. If you have sent your vote in and have not had a confirmation return email that your vote has been received, please submit it again.

This year’s candidates are Wynefryd Bredhers (Kimberly Ballard) and Conall An Doire. Both have issued statements of their intent and have answered questions posed by Crowe on the Malagentian Facebook Page.

Officer Elections to be held Dec. 3 in Westbrook

Officer Election time is tomorrow at the Province Meeting at Doughboy’s Deli in Westbrook. In order to vote, you must bring proof of membership. The Chronicler will accept cards and photos of cards on your phone. Members without valid proof of membership will not be allowed to vote.

The roster for the 2016-2017 term is as follows:

Honig Von Summerfeldt  (Abbey Davenport)

Nicolas de Wyntere (James Sullivan)

Knight Marshal
Richard Crow ( Joe Boucher)

Minister of Fence
Aesa Ormstunga Jess Horowitz)
Trian O’Bruadair (Joseph Card)

Archery Captain
Deormund Wulfscyld (Randy Dominic)

Ascelinne de Chambord Paige Damian)
Thalia of Malagentia (Terri Blaisdell)

Christiana Crane (Chris Hill)

Web Minister
Magnus Hjort (Wil LeFebvre Jr.)

Minister of the Lists
Tiernan Shephard (Sarah Peck)

Chancellor Minor
Thalia of Malagentia (Terri Blaisdell)

Molly Schofield (Robyn Stinson)

Minister of Arts and Sciences
Frederick Van der Veer (Scott Furrow)

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