Malagentia Guidelines Posted for Commentary

The following files have been posted for commentary. They are documents created in 2005 (or thereabouts) to describe the offices and policies of the province, how province business should be conducted, etc.

Our seneschal has asked that these documents be reviewed by the applicable officers and any other interested parties. Commentary on the policies should be emailed to our seneschal, Master Christian Wolfe. Changes may be proposed at a future business meeting if warranted.

Below are links to the files in PDF format.

Spring Tyger & Bucket Goes Pantsless

Monks drinkingGood Lords, gentle Ladies, shake off the dust of winter!  Let it be known far and wide that hospitable and saucy proprietess Honig is throwing open the doors of Malagentia’s most beloved tavern, The Tyger and Bucket. Come for the most delicious food, stay for the delightful company and leave your damn pants at home.  That’s right!  This spring our motto is No Pants, No Problem! Kilts!  Robes!  Cassocks!  Tunics and Togas!  If your garb eschews pants, come on in.  Cover up but forget your pants.  Music and merriment await you at the Tyger and Bucket!

Special note:  Tyger and Bucket is an equal opportunity bottom half coverage establishment.  No patron will be turned away for wearing pants. Although the serving staff are partial to a bit of thigh.

Date: Saturday, May 3, 2014

Site Opens: 5:00 PM

Site Closes: 10:00 PM

Event Location:  Ossipee Mountaineers Snowmobile, 275 Old Alfred Rd, East Waterboro, ME  04030. View location on Google Map.

Event Fees: *Site :* $5 for members and there is an additional $5 Nonmember surcharge. Food is pay per plate. Please bring cash.

Bring feast gear and you may want a camp chair for outdoor seating around the fire.

Rescheduled Province Meeting Postponed Again

Hunters in the Snow image

A message from Col. Christian Woolfe, Seneschal, Province of Malagentia:

Somehow we find ourselves on the wrong side of the weather once again.  The recent reports I have seen say that things are just going to get worse out there and I have no want to see anyone in danger.

I am hereby cancelling tonight’s meeting (1/6). We will reconvene on our regularly scheduled meeting night next month.

Thank you and stay safe.