Agenda for Monthly Business Meeting 4/2

Hello One and All,

Here is our Agenda for our monthly business meeting held this Thursday night (4/2) at Doughboys in Westbrook (57 Bridge St, Westbrook, ME 04092) at 7pm. These items were discussed at our last officers meeting as well as past Province meetings and we will be bringing the results to the membership for a vote for next steps.

Castle – proposal to recycle materials
Committees formed:
Operational Guide-lines review – this document needs updating
Provincial Honors- proposed committee to bring this project to fruition and implement
Communication – options for web based communication forums
Storage- trailer budget investigation

Please join us and join the discussion.

Thank you,

Next Province Meeting

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick update concerning the next Province meeting. Since the first Thursday of January falls well.. on the first. We will be postponing our first meeting of 2015 to Thursday the 8th.

Same time and location as usual.

Doughboys in Westbrook- at 7pm.
57 Bridge Street, Westbrook, ME 04092

I hope everyone has safe and happy holidays and I look forward to catching up with each of you in 2015.

Ever in Service,
Province of Malagentia

Demo help

Howdy folks!

I’m sure you have been seeing some postings about demos coming up. I thought I would join in on the postings of our Chatelaine and shamelessly plug these demos. These are excellent chances for us to get out there and represent the Society in the best possible way. Amazing opportunities to get people interested in this fantastic game we plan.

Saturday 8/16
Maine Boffer Games
Town Farm Road
Limington ME 04049
11:00 am – 12:30pm
If I’m not mistaken the audience will be a lot of the crew that participate in Portcon so it’s a good chance to get some renewed interest in that crew and hope to get us back into Portcon next year.

Saturday 8/23
Union Fairgrounds
Fairgrounds Lane
Union ME 04862
Time: 1-5pm
This is the “All-State” of SCA demos. Every group in Maine will have someone there so any pomp we can bring would a good way to represent the SCA as a whole. This will be an excellent recruitment opportunity for all of our area groups.

If you are headed to these please give our Chatelaine Lady Odelina of St. Albans an e-mail at

Thanks everyone for helping out!


A great many to thank for GNE 28

Well here we are. Another Great Northeaster War has come to pass. Hard work has been done, tales around campfires have been shared, and the good company of friends has been enjoyed. Let the dreaded unpacking begin…

Before I pull myself up by my bootstraps and stow my gear I would like to take this time to thank Marcus, Astrid his deputy, and the staff and volunteers for a most enjoyable event.

Events this size bring with them a large share of ever changing challenges that need to be meet and overcome. I commend the efforts, dedication, and follow through of the staff of this the 28th Great Northeast War. You are all an excellent example of the best of the Society, our Glorious Kingdom, and this Fair Province.

I was especially impressed with the works of the new staff members. It is an easy trap we face for those of us who have run either the whole or a part of GNE to just keep doing those jobs over and over again. Sadly this does not give the newer generation of members a chance to step up and make their mark. But this year was different as several departments were headed by that new generation. From the initial excitement at being asked to staff this event all the way to the panic of, “what did I get myself into,” this team rallied when they were needed all with the goal of making this event the best it can be, to care for and guide our honored guest one and all.

Yes there are moments of, “how does this thing go together… ? This was always done by someone else,” or , “I have no idea how this thing turns off…” Thankfully the veterans of the event are not far away to help, and help they do, but this year’s team pushed through those challenges and provided us all with a fantastic long weekend filled with skill, love and honor.

Thank you to Their Majesties for their support as well as not just playing along, but encouraging our shtick. To our allies, thank you for standing with us and sharing in our fun. And a special thank you to Their Excellencies of the honorable Barony of Endewearde. Many of my teachers over the years have told me that you bring honor to your opponent by bringing your best. I hope we were able to honor you as you most definitely honored us. We are indeed a family no longer divided.

Much appreciated and pleased to be in your service,
Christian Woolfe
Province of Malagentia

Our Next Province Meeting Location

Hello Everyone,

The question of the hour is upon us.  With our usual meeting space no longer available to us for our monthly business meetings, what are we to do?

The answer is that through a lot of work and consideration we have decided that we will be meeting at Doughboy’s restaurant across from the Dana Warp mill (our old meeting location) at the following address:

57 Bridge St,

Westbrook, ME 04092

Now that being said, we should be very clear on a few details:

  • The meetings will now begin at 7pm to accommodate the hours of the restaurant.
  • We are trying this out.
    • The owners of Doughboy’s have been extremely gracious in their offer to “close off” their dining room to our group.  Keep in mind that they will still be open for business (take-out) and we will need to make sure that we don’t impact that.
    • This may or may not work for us and feedback is welcome from all.
    • It is also necessary that everyone understands that it is not a requirement that you purchase food to attend the meetings.

To recap:

Province Business Meeting

Thursday 5/2/14


Doughboy’s Deli

57 Bridge St,

Westbrook, ME 04092

43.679029, -70.367829




A Message from Our Seneschal Regarding Province Meetings

Hello Everyone,

Some folks have been asking if there have been any updates regarding the next Province meetings location.  As many of you know we can no longer utilize the Acorn dance space as they are leaving the mill.  We have had many great options suggested and lots of factors to consider in this process.
Currently we are discussing a few specific options and the details behind those options.    I hope to have an update on this for you all tomorrow so that we may all plan accordingly for the meeting.
I will also be following up with the A&S team to see what steps are needed to likewise make sure dance practices continue uninterrupted.
Thank you all for your patience with this process.



Province of Malagentia

Heavy List University

A hearty thank you is well and truly deserved for Mistress Ro Honig Von Somerfeldt and her deputy Lord Michael Acrensis for their hard work and great contribution to the Heavy list community.  The feedback I have been seeing from the Heavy List University has been amazing.  Your staff, instructors and folks that pitched in were all brilliant.   I’d like to add special thanks to Aesa, Serena, Quintus, Fredrick.  The food was amazing, the instructors passionate and knowledgeable, and the weather cooperative (what a rarity).

Here’s to more of this type of event!  Maybe A&S… subtle hint placed here…




Province of Malagentia

Thinking About Running GNEW 2015?


Detail from The Battle of Aljubarrot

Are you thinking about running Great Northeastern War in 2015? Consider working on your bid now so that we can announce who is awarded the bid at the closing ceremonies this year at Great Northeastern War 2014.

A form to submit a bid is available on the Malagentia website, and several previous stewards of the event can usually be found and consulted at the monthly province business meeting. Contact Seneschal Master Christian Woolfe for more information.


Announcing the Fencer’s Colloquium

Codex_Winob_10825Announcing the Fencer’s Colloquium: a bi-weekly venue for camaraderie and consultation on all things historically rapier.

In order to make more time at the gymnasium and out on the field for the actual practice of Fencing, this bi-weekly get-together will focus on talking about fencing, sharing research, discussing techniques, etc. so that we can put these ideas into use on Tuesday and Friday evenings.

The venue will rotate around to various coffee houses, tea shoppes, brew pubs and back yards (in warmer weather) to allow for a steady flow of new ambiance to keep our conversations engaging.

If there are enough researchers interested in presenting something they’ve looked into, we could even have a rotating schedule of presenters to get the conversations started.

We are already having these conversations at practice. Let’s make more, intentional room for them.

The inaugural meeting will be on Sunday April 13th at 2:00 PM at Dobra Tea 151 Middle Street in Portland.



Province Meeting Agenda 4/3/2014

Meeting at the university of ParisThe agenda for this month’s Province Meeting is as follows. If you have something you’d like to add to this, please contact the seneschal, Master Christian Woolfe.


Officer Announcements

Old Business:

Event updates:

Heavy List University
Tyger and Bucket
Great Northeastern War
Riding of Ravens Bridge – Vote of Support (Note that this vote does not require proof of membership)

 New Business:

Meeting Space