Event Bid Deadlines

From Lady Máirghréad Ghearr the Event Clerk the event bid deadline for the following events is fast approaching. If anyone is interested please contact me.

thank you,

Event Bid deadline approaching!

We have Heirs!! We also have Royal Event Bids due June 1st. Please give the heirs multiple choices in their bids.


Bids Due June 1:
12th Night Bid (1st or 2nd Sat after Jan 1)
Fall Coronation (1st Sat in Oct, Last Sat in Sept is alternate choice; EK Law)
K&Q Fencing (held Oct – Dec)
July 1st Bids due:
Fall Crown Tourney (Central region. Last Sat in Oct, 1st sat in Nov ais lternate choice; EK Law)
K&Q A&S. (held during winter reign)
Lady Máirghréad Ghearr