Province Meeting in Gorham July 5th

Please note, July’s Province Meeting, Thursday, July 5th, will be held at our house in Gorham – 22 Green St. We’ll have a potluck dinner and the grill set up. We’ll have some burgers and dogs, so bring anything else you want to grill, sides or beverages. Dinner at 6, meeting starting at 7. We do need to vote on A&S Minister, so we do need a quorum of officers. Please let me know if you are an officer and not able to join us. See you next week!




Province Meeting Postponed

In the interest of my mantra “Nobody dies!”, I am postponing tomorrow’s Province Meeting until next Thursday, Jan 11, 7pm. Please stay safe, work on your projects and stay warm. We will be voting on the budget next week, so please plan to join us then.

Congratulations to our new Provincial Officers!

Congratulations to our new and returning Officers! Please welcome Nicol mac Donnchaidh (Josh Newton) as Webminister, Joshua Mustard (Josh Cohen) as Herald, Ellice de Valles as MOL, Matt Wyck (Matt  Wickenheiser) as Minister of Fence! And returning again, thank you to Deormund Wulfscyld (Randolph Dominic) as Minister of Archery, Frederick van der Veer (Scott Furrow)as A&S Minister, Thalia of Malagentia (Terri Blaisdell) as Chatelaine, Elle de Pepperell (Leslie Basinger) as Chronicler, Molly Schofield (Robyn Stinson) as Exchequer, and Richard Crowe (Joe Boucher) as Knight Marshal! And yes, you’re stuck with me for another two years! And a very big thank you to our retiring officers, Aesa Ormstunga (Jess Horowitz), Tiernan Shepherd (Sarah Peck) and Magnus Hjort (Wil LeFebvre Jr.). Vivat!

Proxy votes due tonight

Reminder! Provincial Officer Elections will be held at the December Province Meeting TOMORROW Thursday, Dec. 7th at 7pm at Doughboys Deli in Westbrook. All those voting must be paid members of the SCA and must show proof at time of voting. Proxy votes will be accepted for this vote. If you cannot attend in person and would like to vote, send your choices for each office and a PHOTO OF YOUR CURRENT MEMBERSHIP CARD to by 12 midnight TONIGHT, Wednesday, Dec 6th. Votes received after that time will not be counted. Official ballot can be found here:

Please join us and vote for your favorites!
Archery – Deormund Wulfscyld (Randolph Dominic)
Arts & Sciences – Frederick van der Veer (Scott Furrow)
Chatelaine – Thalia of Malagentia (Terri Blaisdell)
Chronicler – Elle de Pepperell (Leslie Basinger)
Exchequer – Molly Schofield (Robyn Stinson)
Fencing – Matt Wickenheiser
Herald – Joshua Mustard (Josh Cohen)
Knight Marshal – Richard Crowe (Joe Boucher)
Mistress of the Lists – Ellice de Valles
Seneschal – Wynefryd Bredhers (Kimberly Ballard)
Youth Minister – vacant
Webminister – Jenn Maher
                      – Nicol mac Donnchaidh (Josh Newton)
Thank you to all who have volunteered to run!