Demo help

Howdy folks!

I’m sure you have been seeing some postings about demos coming up. I thought I would join in on the postings of our Chatelaine and shamelessly plug these demos. These are excellent chances for us to get out there and represent the Society in the best possible way. Amazing opportunities to get people interested in this fantastic game we plan.

Saturday 8/16
Maine Boffer Games
Town Farm Road
Limington ME 04049
11:00 am – 12:30pm
If I’m not mistaken the audience will be a lot of the crew that participate in Portcon so it’s a good chance to get some renewed interest in that crew and hope to get us back into Portcon next year.

Saturday 8/23
Union Fairgrounds
Fairgrounds Lane
Union ME 04862
Time: 1-5pm
This is the “All-State” of SCA demos. Every group in Maine will have someone there so any pomp we can bring would a good way to represent the SCA as a whole. This will be an excellent recruitment opportunity for all of our area groups.

If you are headed to these please give our Chatelaine Lady Odelina of St. Albans an e-mail at

Thanks everyone for helping out!