Introducing your 2020 Provincial Officer candidates!

Archery – Aloysius Sartore (Stacy Morang)
Arts & Sciences – Nicol mac Donnchaidh (Josh Newton)
–  Tiffan Fairamay (Sylvan Thorncraft)
Chatelaine – Sólveig Bjarnardóttir (Lauren Treidel)
        –  Adrienne d’Evreus (Adrienne Brown)
Chronicler – Shyvan Floyd (Silena Preston)
Exchequer – Molly Schofield (Robyn Stinson) 
Fencing – Mat Wyck (Matt Wickenheiser)
Herald – Alexandre St Pierre (Jamin Brown)
Knight Marshal – Matthew MacGyver (Jordan Curit-Kurasz)
Mistress of the Lists – Ilulia Baebiana (Amanda Reed)
Seneschal – Edward MacGyver (Ed Kurasz)
Youth Minister – vacant 
Webminister – Tessa Maria da Siena (Jenn Maher)                  

Thank you to all who have volunteered to run! Voting will take place at the December Province Meeting on Thursday, Dec. 5th at 7pm in Westbrook. All those voting must be paid members of the SCA. Proxy votes will be accepted for this vote (details forthcoming). Please join us and vote for your favorites!  

Lady Wynefryd Bredhers