Heavy List University

A hearty thank you is well and truly deserved for Mistress Ro Honig Von Somerfeldt and her deputy Lord Michael Acrensis for their hard work and great contribution to the Heavy list community.  The feedback I have been seeing from the Heavy List University has been amazing.  Your staff, instructors and folks that pitched in were all brilliant.   I’d like to add special thanks to Aesa, Serena, Quintus, Fredrick.  The food was amazing, the instructors passionate and knowledgeable, and the weather cooperative (what a rarity).

Here’s to more of this type of event!  Maybe A&S… subtle hint placed here…




Province of Malagentia

Thinking About Running GNEW 2015?


Detail from The Battle of Aljubarrot

Are you thinking about running Great Northeastern War in 2015? Consider working on your bid now so that we can announce who is awarded the bid at the closing ceremonies this year at Great Northeastern War 2014.

A form to submit a bid is available on the Malagentia website, and several previous stewards of the event can usually be found and consulted at the monthly province business meeting. Contact Seneschal Master Christian Woolfe for more information.


Announcing the Fencer’s Colloquium

Codex_Winob_10825Announcing the Fencer’s Colloquium: a bi-weekly venue for camaraderie and consultation on all things historically rapier.

In order to make more time at the gymnasium and out on the field for the actual practice of Fencing, this bi-weekly get-together will focus on talking about fencing, sharing research, discussing techniques, etc. so that we can put these ideas into use on Tuesday and Friday evenings.

The venue will rotate around to various coffee houses, tea shoppes, brew pubs and back yards (in warmer weather) to allow for a steady flow of new ambiance to keep our conversations engaging.

If there are enough researchers interested in presenting something they’ve looked into, we could even have a rotating schedule of presenters to get the conversations started.

We are already having these conversations at practice. Let’s make more, intentional room for them.

The inaugural meeting will be on Sunday April 13th at 2:00 PM at Dobra Tea 151 Middle Street in Portland.



Province Meeting Agenda 4/3/2014

Meeting at the university of ParisThe agenda for this month’s Province Meeting is as follows. If you have something you’d like to add to this, please contact the seneschal, Master Christian Woolfe.


Officer Announcements

Old Business:

Event updates:

Heavy List University
Tyger and Bucket
Great Northeastern War
Riding of Ravens Bridge – Vote of Support (Note that this vote does not require proof of membership)

 New Business:

Meeting Space

2014 Provincial Budget

On 14 December 2013 a Budget Meeting was held at the Exchequer’s home in Naples. Below is the budget approved by the Province at the Provincial Meeting on February 6th 2014:

A&S Minister $100.00 Primarily for C&I Work House
Archery $600.00 Targets, backstop netting, arrow materials, foam.
Chancellor Minor $200.00 Loaner armor and weapons for youth fighting.
Chatelaine $250.00 Update Gold Key.
Chronicler $50.00
Exchequer $150.00 Printing of generic carbonless duplicate gate receipts.
Herald $300.00 Ink, paper, 3 name books for research.
Knight Marshall $50.00
MOL $50.00
Quartermaster $200.00 Materials for shelving for storage facility.
Rapier $450.00 Loaner armor for cut & thrust.
Seneschal $50.00
Web Minister $20.00
Thrown Weapons $20.00
Officer Requests:
Giggleswick Admin $1,000.00
GNE $8,500.00
Harvest Moon $1,000.00
Spring A&S Event $600.00
Tyger & Bucket Tavern – Fall $600.00
Tyger & Bucket Tavern – Spring $600.00
Spring Heavy Event $600.00
Yule/Winter Feast $1,200.00
Giggleswick – NRRC $400.00
Giggleswick – Bardic Symposium $400.00
Hadchester events $900.00
PortCon Demo $100.00
Maximum Allowed Budget for Other Events:
Local $600.00
Kingdom-level $3,500.00
Rentals: (these are fixed costs)
Province Meeting $330.00
Dance Practice $360.00
Storage facility $1,860.00
Big Ticket Items:
Storage Trailer $3,000 This includes monies for refurbishing trailer and first year’s storage fee.