Nominate someone for a Provincial Honor!

Did you know that the Province of Malagentia has its own way to recognize worthy members? Our Provincial Honors allow us to say “Thank you!” to those who have given back to Malagentia in the areas of Service, Martial, Courtesy, Youth, and Arts & Sciences. It only takes a couple minutes to recommend someone for an Honor! There will be a couple Provincial events coming up where we can bestow some of these, so recommend someone today!!! Visit to learn more about the Provincial Honors and recommend someone.

Thank you!!


Officer Nominations

I will be accepting nominations for Provincial Officers at seneschal @ until 5pm November 7th, and in person at the Province meeting that evening. The slate of candidates will be announced at the November Province Meeting (11/7). Elections will be held at the Dec. Province mtg (12/5).

In order to run for a Malagentian Office, you must reside in Malagentia (this includes the Ridings of Giggleswick and Ravensbridge), and be a paid member of the SCA. The nomination and election procedures from our Malagentia Guidelines are copied below. If you have any questions, please feel free to pm me or email me at seneschal at


1.) Terms of office last for two years.

1.) Nominations shall take place at the Province meeting one month before the election. The nomination process requires one nomination and a second. A nominee may refuse the nomination at any time. If there are no nominees for a given office, the write-in candidate with the greatest number of votes will be elected, provided the candidate is willing to perform the duties of the office.
2.) Nominees must show proof of membership to the Seneschal two (2) weeks prior to the election.

1.) Elections are to be held at the December Province meeting in odd numbered years.
2.) The Province Chronicler shall post notice of the election date and the nominees to all current paid SCA members residing in Malagentia via the Malagentia Website, Malagentia List and the Moonstone.
3.) The Chronicler is responsible for printing, distributing, and collecting ballots.
4.) Absentee ballots will be accepted up to 24 hours prior to the time of the election. Gentles voting in this fashion are responsible for seeing that their ballots will reach the Chronicler in time.
5.) If necessary, the Chronicler is empowered to request verification that any voter is a paid member of the SCA, Inc., and a resident of the Province of Malagentia aged 14 years and above. Such verification may be a membership card or label from a Pikestaff or other Kingdom or Society level publication and an official mundane ID.
6.) Ballots will be counted and verified by the Chronicler and two gentles not running for office. Any ballots received after the start of the ballot counting will not be included in the final total.
7.) A simple majority of votes of paid members is required for election to office.


Lady Wynefryd Bredhers,


Malagentian Event Fee Assistance Fund

A fund has been created to assist Malagentians in need of assistance in paying for local event fees. This fund is in no way connected officially with the Province, and will never be funded with Provincial monies. Donations from individuals are of course welcome and encouraged, and may be made online at or in person to myself. If any Malagentian needs help in paying local event fees, please contact me confidentially at . This fund will work on the honor system, first come, first served, no questions asked.

This post is not associated with or sanctioned by The above is provided as information only to interested parties.

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Kim Ballard

October Province Meeting this Thursday

Greetings All!

Please join us at 7pm – or earlier for dinner – this Thursday, October 3 at Doughboys Deli in Westbrook for this month’s Province Meeting. I will be announcing the opening of the Officer nomination period before December’s election. If you or someone you know is interested in running for an officer position, come check it out!

From the Society Seneschal

The Society Seneschal has issued an expulsion from the Society to Barry Greene, Sr., known in the Society as Count Rakkurai, on September 23rd, 2019. 

Any questions, please contact me. 
-Lady Wynefryd Bredhers, Seneschal of the Province of Malagentia

Submit your event bids ASAP!

Get your Fall and Winter bids in ASAP! I have received a bid for Winterfeast/Yule and am aware of those who want to put in bids for Harvest Moon, Autumn’s Inspirations and Winterfeast. Time is growing super-short and we need to get these events on the calendar! Don’t delay! Submit bids here: