Nominees announcement for upcoming officer elections

Good evening, Malagentia. As promised at the last provincial meeting, here is your list of nominees for the upcoming officer elections.

Nominees (in no particular order):

  • Archery Minister – Aloysius Sartore
  • Minister of Arts & Sciences – Mickel von Salm
  • Chatelaine – Collette d’Avignon
  • Chancellor Minor – Marie D’Argincourt
  • Herald – Volmar Sollons
  • Chronicler – Lady Wynefryd Bredhers
  • Exchequer – Shyvan Floyd
  • Knight Marshal – Micah of Brighton Manor
  • Rapier Marshal – Justin Turner
  • Webminister – Tessa Maria da Siena
  • Seneschal – Mat Wyck
  • Minister of the Lists – Bia-Ilulia Baebiana

Elections will be held virtually. Please tune in to our next meeting, scheduled for December 02, for a brief introduction from the nominees and a recap of the election process.

Shyvan Floyd Chronicler

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