Second Town Hall Meeting – Gorham Maine 11/11/15 7pm

Hello Everyone,

I’m pleased to announce our second Town Hall discussion will be held on November 11th at 7pm.

This meeting will be held at the First Congregational Church of Gorham.

11/11/15 7pm
First Paris Congregational Church
1 Church St, Gorham, ME 04038

This will be in the same space that our monthly dance practice is held- room adjacent to the parking lot behind the church.

Here are the guidelines for the discussion (same as last time):

§ All questions and or comments will be limited to the topic of the Provinces status (if you have questions concerning other matters, please let me know outside of the meeting time and I’ll be happy to help)

§ Speakers will be recognized in the order they raise their hands and will be called upon by the moderator when it is time to speak). Please do not interrupt other speakers.

§ All who wish to speak will be able to do so without interruptions as longs as they are respectful, use family friendly language, and stay on topic.

§ Speakers will be limited to ten minutes each unless time is extended by the moderator.

Please note that this is discussion of the idea and that no voting will be held at any of these meetings.

After each meeting the minutes will be posted for all to review.

Future town hall meetings:
Augusta (date and time pending)

Additional meetings will be held if we find that more discussion is needed.

Thank you,
Province of Malagentia