Update on the virtual election proces.

Hello my fellow Malagentians!

I’m here with an update on the virtual election process. Due to time constraints, there will be a minor change in the notification process and we will not be doing the USPS mailings. We will still be posting to all available online platforms, including our Facebook pages and the official website – which generates an email to those who have signed up for notifications. If you are aware of a paid member not being on any of the platforms, please be sure let them know how to cast their vote.

Voting will still be done via email to chronicler@malagentia.eastkingdom.org from 12:01 AM December 03 through 11:59 PM December 31. Please be sure to cast your vote, to include your proof of membership (a picture of your membership card or screenshot from the membership page, please), during this time frame. Results will be announced at the January 06, 2022, province meeting.

As a reminder, the candidates will have an opportunity to speak briefly at the Dec. 2 virtual Province Meeting this week.

These are the candidates for the offices, and write-ins will also be accepted if they are paid members:

  • Archery Minister – Aloysius Sartore
  • Minister of Arts & Sciences – Mickel von Salm
  • Chatelaine – Collette d’Avignon
  • Chancellor Minor – Marie D’Argincourt
  • Herald – Volmar Sollons
  • Chronicler – Wynefryd Bredhers
  • Exchequer – Shyvan Floyd
  • Knight Marshal – Micah of Brighton Manor
  • Rapier Marshal – Justin Turner
  • Webminister – Tessa Maria da Siena
  • Seneschal – Mat Wyck
  • Minister of the Lists – Bia-Ilulia Baebiana

Thank you for your understanding and please contact myself, or Mat Wyck, with questions or concerns.

Shyvan Floyd

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