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Hear, O Justice! Speaks the Herald of the Riding of Ravensbridge and its People. Rightly and duly authorised do I come; let confidence be placed in my words.

Concerning the matters, suits, and causes, whereof the People of Malagentia by the Voice of Magnus Surtsson, Warmonger for the Riding of Ravensbridge, hereby declares War upon the Barony of Endewearde to be fought at the Great Northeastern War XXXIII.

But what of such causes?  What suit do we lay at their feet?  

That the People of Malagentia have been denied the inspiring voice of their Bard!!  Denied! I say, her corporeal self until such time as we could reclaim her! Yet as she spoke (consuming many slices of fine cake) much did we learn.  No small value do we place in the Treaty with the Barony of Endewearde, yet it is clear that there is much and many discordant notes being sung in the Feast Halls of their Finest Families.  

Despite many years of fine and generous leadership by the Most Excellent du Vey’s, long may they reside on Their Majesties Farm for Retired Baronets, it appears that such attention has been given to producing their Heirs that a great negligence has been done to those lands closest to our homes. It would not be right if good neighbours did not seek to secure their friend’s house in times of strife.  So we did bring forward our suggestions to the Barony .. yet in these dealings despite the Justice of our cause; we received nothing but delay and rebuff.

It has also come as a shock to many that, despite residing in the Barony for many years, one of their Families decided to travel the now ill maintained roads to join our Riding.  Many accusations have been made in darkened rooms and behind closed doors that we did entrap and capture the Beneyt family in some clandestine shenanigans. Far from this ill conceived slander the truth does lie!  For it is the good nature of the Beneyt’s that no sooner had they settled into their new cottage that a puppy decided to adopt them as her humans; and not as some of the more lacasious scutlebutt claims, as payment for their defection!  

Such complaints and suits we have laid upon the Barony of Endewearde.  Petitions we send to all those Right Minded peoples of the East, for such is our Cause we would call all to ally behind it.  

For upon the Field of Hebron will battle be done, honour satisfied and Justice given.


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