Great Northeastern War XXXVI

July 11th – 14th, 2024

Once more do the horns sound in Malagentia and the ground shakes beneath the feet of those called to arms as we assemble for the 36th Great Northeastern War. Over the last few seasons, we have aggressively cultivated the livestock that had been lost to us in previous wars, little knowing the havoc this would unleash. This past winter, our flock of Vorpal Hares, long thought fully domesticated in our lands, were reported to be preying on innocent bystanders as far afield as Stonemarche. We discovered our leporine droves had grown unmanageable and are now running amok (amok amok).

Our friends in Stonemarche have agreed to assemble a force to help us hunt down these rascally varmints, and so come July, we invite you all to join us in the Province of Malagentia for a weekend of competition and camraderie as we band together to free Malagentia from the scourge of the Vorpal Hares!

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PayPal pre-registration is now CLOSED. Entry will still be available at Gate starting Thursday, 7/11 at noon.

Gate Info and Fees

Gate Hours:

  • Thursday: 10am – 12pm for merchants only
  • Thursday: 12pm – 10pm for everyone
  • Friday: 8am – 10pm
  • Saturday: 8am – 2pm

Gate Fees, all prices are listed listed in USD, per person:

  • Weekend (Thursday/Friday Arrival): $50.00
  • Weekend (Thursday/Friday Arrival) Member: $40.00
  • Saturday/Sunday Only: $40.00
  • Saturday/Sunday Only Member: $30.00
  • Youth (age 6-17) Weekend: $20.00
  • Youth (age 6-17) Saturday Only: $10.00
  • Child (age 0-5): $0

Make checks payable to: Province of Malagentia, SCA Inc.

Due to fees from the site, we do not have a family rate cap.


Sign up for a Gate Shift here, or if you’re interested in helping out elsewhere, please see the various Volunteer Opportunities that are available throughout the weekend!

Site Map

Site Address

Hebron Pines Campground
400 Buckfield Rd
Hebron, ME 04238
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