Call for nominations

Hello Malagentians! It is that time again where we need to hold elections for our officer positions. As such, nominations will be accepted during the November 04, 2021 meeting. Please look for the meeting link on the calendar and on the official Facebook Group(s).

Individuals interested in the officer positions can also view them at the web address below. More information about the requirements for office and elections can be found in the Malagentia Guidelines (link below). Officers are expected to attend quarterly officers’ meetings, and to either attend or have a designee at the monthly provincial meetings. Those interested in an office are encouraged to speak with the current office holder for more information, or with the Seneschal.

Please also consider becoming a deputy to any roles you may have interest in if you aren’t ready to hold the official officer position at this time. It’s a perfect way to get a bird’s eye view of what the role entails.

Current officers/descriptions: