GNE Site Setup, Access

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to help with site setup and breakdown and individual area setup for GNE.

You may know that as a “thank you” to those volunteers, we allow them onsite on Wednesday, ahead of the official Gate opening Thursday. Out of respect for our volunteers and for all of the work they will be doing, we’d ask – as we do every year – that if you are not on one of these volunteer teams, please do not show up Wednesday. Instead, show up when Gate, and the event, officially opens – Thursday.

We have a list of all who have volunteered to help with setup/breakdown, and if you show up Wednesday, July 12, and are not on that list, we will respectfully invite you to return the following day.

I’m happy to chat if you have any questions; p.m. me or Thank you, Wyck, Seneschal, Malagentia.