Malagentia Election Results

Following our online elections in Dec. 2023, the following officers will begin their terms on 01 Jan 2024:

Archery Marshal – Aloysius Sartore

Arts & Science Minister – Octavia Valeria

Exchequer – Shyvan Floyd

Herald – Volmar Sollons

Knight Marshall – Micah of Brighton Manor

Minister of Lists – Frances Hastings

Rapier Marshall – Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccafurno

Seneschal – Mat Wyck

Thrown Weapons – Tomas Bergstrom

Web Minister- Tessa Maria da Siena

Chronicler- Aesa Ormstunga

Chatelaine – Collette D ’Avignon

Thank you to all who ran, all who voted and to our Chronicler, Meara, and her team for running this election.