The Exchequer is the Province treasurer. They handle all of the money and budgets for the Province. They also manage the budgets and funds for all of the events that the Province hosts. The Quartermaster, who manages all of the Province’s gear and material goods, is a deputy of the Exchequer.

Event-Related Information

Running Gate:  Please remember that if you are the one designated in charge of gate at an event you are considered my deputy for the duration of the event.  This includes pre-event planning as well.  This is not a position that allows much creativity.  Because of all the paperwork associated with it, gate must be run in the same basic manner at each event.  If you are considering volunteering running a gate, please talk to me and I’ll walk you through everything you need.

Expenses and Receipts:  Do not make any purchases without getting it approved first!  Budgets must be adhered to so either the seneschal, autocrat or myself must make all approvals.  No reimbursements will be made without a printed store receipt.  Receipts are due to me no later than two weeks after the event but, if at all possible, please plan to have receipts to me before or on the day of the event.

Contacting Me: Please note the most effective way to contact me is via email to Please do not contact me via Facebook, messages sent there are very likely to be missed.