Province seeking bids for Harvest Moon

People of Malagentia –

I’m pleased to share that the province is now looking for bids for Harvest Moon, with several important caveats.

While we are hopeful that by September overall risk will be sufficiently mitigated to safely hold an event with strong safety protocols, it should be understood that cancellation may be prompted by any number of COVID safety-related factors.

To be clear: Anyone making a bid will need to understand that there is a definite potential that an event may need to be cancelled, at any point right up to the event date, and factor that into any planning.

In addition, as the SCA BOD and EK may adjust their event guidance over the next 4+ months, Harvest Moon’s planners must be prepared to adapt accordingly.

To de-conflict with potential regional events, this bid should aim at mid- to late September for timing.

Any bid will need to follow all of the COVID-19 safety protocols, as outlined by the East Kingdom, updated if EK guidance is updated. Click here for the information released April 1.

Any bid should not contain any communal eating plan. There is no camping allowed, and events must be outdoors, per the SCA.

Given the lengthy ‘pause’ all of the SCA has undergone, acceptance and award of bids will be weighted toward members who have experience in running events, particularly Harvest Moon.

FYI – There is potential for a request for bids for further events, such as Autumn Inspirations, pending further discussion amongst officers.

Bids may be submitted here: or by emailing . You can email me questions at the same address, or poke me on FB.

As a note: The officers discussed this prior to the April province meeting, and we discussed at the province meeting, as well. The BOD announcement regarding resumption of events under guidelines came out the same day as the province meeting. I wanted to give everyone a chance to digest these society-level moves before rolling out this announcement.  

YiS – Wyck