Seneschal Election Information

At the December province meeting, we did accept a nomination and second for Mat Wyck (Matt Wickenheiser) to stand for election to the role of Seneschal to fill out 2021. No other nominations were made, but write-in candidates remain acceptable for the election.
All paid Malagentian members will receive a postcard with basic election information.
The election period will be open for 1 week, from January 8 through 15. No ballots will be accepted after midnight, Jan. 15.

Paid members over the age of 14 are asked to email their vote and SCA member number to . The chronicler shall identify two members not running for this office to verify the ballot count. All involved in the counting process shall consider the information gathered to be confidential, except for the ultimate numerical count. Put simply – no one outside of this process is to share information about who voted for whom.

The Chronicler shall announce the winner no later than 5 p.m. on January 17 via Malagentia’s official FB page, and through the Malagentia email list.

In the case of a tie, the Chronicler will announce the results and, following consultation with the Provincial officers, determine how to proceed with a runoff election.

Lady Shyvan Floyd, Chronicler of Malagentia