A Largesse Competition…

As the might of many armies prepare themselves for the coming war we hear that our siblings to the South are still not getting the amount of attention that they crave. Even after committing their parent to fight a war over their irresponsible actions they still crave more. This injustice disheartens us so much that this past weekend the Incipient Riding of Ravensbridge decided to challenge Giggleswick in a sibling rivalry. A rivalry of largesse, a competition meant to show off the wares of the East as well as to fill the King’s and Queen’s coffers with gifts for whomever they deem worthy. This competition will be broken down into three primary categories: Favors, Toys for the toy chest, and Gifts / Tokens. All items will be awarded on a point system, with extra points being awarded for period objects and embellishments. In order to prove our artisans spirit we will be awarding points to a max of (10) samples per “pattern”. The great thing about this competition is that it is open to everyone who wants to help. You can donate your gifts to assist your favorite Riding in winning this largesse competition. By getting your creations to the corresponding Seneschal of Ravensbridge or Giggleswick before the deadline. All items need to be turned in no later than Saturday morning at GNEW. Let’s show the King and Queen a sampling of our wares in the East. Thank You in advance.

Lord Morty
Seneschal of the Riding of Ravensbridge

***SCHTICK DISCLAIMER: This is said entirely tongue in cheek and is meant as fun for the upcoming war. We truly love our fellow Scadians in Ravensbridge and are looking forward to a great challenge to fill the coffers of Our Majesties.