Sunday Archery in Waterboro!

All are welcome to an open house and Archery Practice at the home of Max & Mickel in Waterboro! The range opens Sunday 7/1 at 4:00. This will be an official archery practice, and an Archery Marshal will be present. Medieval lawn billiards will be set up on the lawn, a grill and fire pit will be lit at dusk! Bring your bow! Bring lawn chairs! Bring something for the grill!
Do you need directions? From the intersection of Routes 4, 202, and 5 in East Waterboro, head north on 5 past the front of the Hannafords Supermarket. Ours is the second home on the left (same side as Hannafords), #52. You should be able to see a black mailbox at one end of the driveway, an archery target on the other. Park along the road anytime, or in the driveway after the range closes ~7:00.
Call 247-4485 to find us, to confirm the schedule, or just to hear our cheery voices via vintage telephone technology!

Baronial Discussion – Giggleswick

These are the notes and referenced materials from the October 22 Baronial Discussion meeting held in Gigglewick.  Please note that it important to remember that these notes are the Chronicler’s summery of the questions, comments and answers given at the meeting and not a direct transcript.  I have done my best to accurately capture the spirit, if not the exact words, of the topics that were discussed at the meeting.  If you recognize your question  and I have interpreted it wrong, please let me know and I shall correct it so that our historical record more closely represents the correct views and opinions.

Moonlite Giggleswick Baronal Discussion