Stories at the Great Northeastern War

Stories. I realized this weekend that our events are created around stories. A great great grand laurel tells a tale of failure and regret and salvation. A bard sings a parable of friendship, family and breaking bread. A woman shares a secret of long lost love not quite yet found while another faces fears of violence and mistrust. Old friends reconnect over shared memories and new ones are formed over found connections. Stories crafted through laughter and song, food and drink, sword and scroll. Perhaps some are embellished. Some are truer than we’d like to admit. Stories stand the test of time. Stories bridge the differences and break down the walls. Stories bring us together time and time again. Would we keep coming back if there were no stories to share, tales to tell, or puns to ponder? I hope we never have to find out.
Thank you to all who joined us for a story or two at the Great Northeastern War. I look forward to our next tale.
Lady Wynefryd Bredhers,
Seneschal of the Province of Malagentia