The History of Malagentia A.S. 40 to 49 – In Video!

Our history is not only in words and pictures, but also in video.  Malagentia Chronicler Christiana Crane has scoured the Tube of You for videos pertaining to the life and times of Malagentians and has discovered these treasures of the past.  This record will be updated as new videos surface.

A.S. 48

Heavy and Rapier Practice – April 16


Heavy List University – April 12

Master Julien’s Two Sword Class

Duke Kenric’s Shield Class

Duke Lucan’s Movement, Measure and Power Class


Medieval Maker’s Faire – Mylisant Grey is sent on her vigil, February 2014


GNEW 27 – Sun Journal, July 2013



A.S. 47

Old Port Festival – June 2012


A.S. 46

GNEW 25 – Bellydancers – July 2011


A.S. 45

Lady Astrid becomes Baroness Astrid, April 4, 2011


“Roland, Where’s Your Sword?”  – Jean de Montagne’s Bardic Challenge, February 2011


“Lifeblood” – Jean de Montagne’s Bardic Challenge, February 2011


A.S. 44

GNEW 23 – Hay Bale Battle Malagentia vs Smoking Rocks, July 2010


Old Port Demo – 2010


A.S. 43

Harvest Moon Shoot – Christian Woolfe vs Morty of Malagentia, 2009


GNEW 22 – July 2009

Field Battle 4

Gate Battle

Field Battle

Fergus the Younger vs Kendrick

Camille vs Malcom

Fergus the Younger vs Donovan

Camille vs Donovan


A.S. 42


A.S. 41

GNEW 20 – July 2007


Roman Melee Rapiers Final Round

Roman Melee Rapiers

Fencing Lessons with Donovan

Gilded Ewe Tavern, Endewearde – Mylisant’s Song sung by Baron Jean Du Montagne, May 2007


A.S. 40


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