Great Northeastern War XXX

Are you looking to serve your Province and yet have an amazing time doing so? Are you looking for an opportunity to lead a crack team to victory?
Look no further than becoming the Autocrat of the next Great Northeastern War!

An exciting opportunity awaits you as this is an anniversary year! Add your name to a list of brave souls who have gone before you and run one of the most challenging yet rewarding events you will ever run (unless you are Mayor of Pennsic…).

Applicants should be passionate, organized, have leadership experience, and a willingness to adapt and overcome.

I am currently accepting bids for next year until the first of October. Earlier is better in that if your bid is approved you will have several steps to attend to as soon as possible.

thank you,
Christian Woolfe
Province of Malagentia

Great Northeastern War Opening Ceremonies

Hello One and all!

I call on Malagentia to “assume the port of Mars and at his heels, leash’d in like hounds, should famine, sword, and fire crouch for employment..” in short -Let them know they cannot have our “stuff”!

Please join on the main battlefield Friday at 1:30 to muster for opening ceremonies to be held just before the first Heavy List war point battle (the White Witch Battle). We will march onto the battlefield at 1:45 and meet our honorable opponent to air our most righteous grievances in this dark time of war.
Banners, pomp, and your chivalric but war like bearing will be most appreciated.

Ever in Service,
Colonel Christian Woolfe


Hello Everyone,

Just sending out a reminder to everyone about PortCon – this is a fantastic opportunity for our group and the audience is right up our demographic!

Lets make sure we have a good showing.

Contact our Chatelaine Lady Odelina of St. Albans for more information and to make sure we have enough people for the demo.

from her posting:
Come one, come all to the Portcon Demo and
Panel at the DoubleTree in South Portland on Sunday, June
28th at 12:00pm-4:00pm! Featured in the Main tent on Sunday,
the afternoon starts with a two-hour slot for demoing
fencing and fighting, followed by a two hour open panel
about who we are and what we do! Especially looking for
authorized fighters and fencers, as well as Marshals and a
Ringleader for the whole shebang! Please contact Odelina at
to confirm participation.

Thank you all!

Officer and Event Budgets

Hello officers and autocrats as well as autocrats to be of the Province and Ridings

As per my latest theme of posting on subjects that may need some clarification or discussion.  I’d like to tackle budgets this time around.

As a good practice you should be in regular contact with myself, my deputy, and Exchequer to make sure you have a handle on your budget. Autocrats should always take a moment to make sure they are up on the latest policies by meeting with the Exchequer while planning the event. . I also don’t want to see overages on your budgets as we have in the past. This just puts everyone in a bad spot and I have no wish to see our beloved group dusted up by hard feelings over money.

As we know, not long ago we had a concern over ever increasing overhead costs (storage, meeting, and practice space for various activities) and we as a group took steps to make sure we were not making unneeded purchases. We are on a better path now, but a large degree of diligence is still needed.

Often times checking with the Quartermaster also can help as you may be surprised to find out that we already have that special one of a kind item that you absolutely must have to run your event.

While we are on the subject- Officers and Seneschals of the Ridings, please check in with the Exchequer to see how much money you have left in your budget. Keep in mind that it is never too late to start thinking about next year’s budget. I’ll be asking our Exchequer to post a “best practices” missive to the group concerning submitting a budget for your event, activity, or group, and what you can do to give that proposal the best chance of success.

Thank you all for your care and dedication,
-Col Christian


As per usual, now and again I like to post on topics that we could all use a refresher on. This time around, my post is concerning event bids, or rather, how to submit them as well as a few pointers on how to make sure you have a successful go at running an event.

For the event bid process, there is a “Submit a Bid for an Event” link located under the Seneschal page at our website The form is required for any event within the Province and Ridings. Once submitted, I review the information and then send back a message to either approve, decline, or request more information.

As to making a success of it, I encourage Autocrats to sit down with the Exchequer, Quartermaster, Webminister, and any other officers that can help. Exchequers will have the latest and greatest policies and procedures to make sure we don’t see anyone put in a difficult financial position, the Quartermaster will work with you to see that you have access to any supplies you need, and the Webminister will keep you on the right path as to the intricacies of our media policies. I would like to add that making sure your event announcement is up as soon as your bid is accepted is critical. Having your newly approved bid listed will help us prevent conflicts with nearby groups.

Communication is one of those things that we could always use more of. Make it the cornerstone of your event building.

Lastly and most importantly, you have not only myself and the Officers of the Province to help you, but the people of these lands are here to help make your event a fun and successful one.

Let me know if you have any questions. I’m always happy to help.


Office of Province Herald

Greetings and Salutations to All,

For those of you who were not in attendance at our last Province meeting I have the unfortunate task to inform you that Our Herald, Lady Muirenn Ban has submitted her resignation of said office due to personal reasons. I have reluctantly accepted her resignation and sent her our best wishes.

As with any role in the Society a careful balance between responsibilities both within the SCA and modern life must be tended to. Sometimes one needs more attention than the other.

Please join me in giving thanks to Muirenn for her service and dedication to the Province in addition to our hopes that she shall not be kept long from our company.

As to the office of Herald, I am currently accepting nominations for the position of Province Herald and Lord Connal will be filling in till we have held an election. Due to their being only one Province meeting left before the Pennsic break I will accept nominations via email and will move to have the election by next meeting. Please send any nominations to Connal and myself as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Event Bid Deadlines

From Lady Máirghréad Ghearr the Event Clerk the event bid deadline for the following events is fast approaching. If anyone is interested please contact me.

thank you,

Event Bid deadline approaching!

We have Heirs!! We also have Royal Event Bids due June 1st. Please give the heirs multiple choices in their bids.

Bids Due June 1:
12th Night Bid (1st or 2nd Sat after Jan 1)
Fall Coronation (1st Sat in Oct, Last Sat in Sept is alternate choice; EK Law)
K&Q Fencing (held Oct – Dec)
July 1st Bids due:
Fall Crown Tourney (Central region. Last Sat in Oct, 1st sat in Nov ais lternate choice; EK Law)
K&Q A&S. (held during winter reign)
Lady Máirghréad Ghearr

Expiring Martial Authorizations

Please note the following heavy and fencing authorizations are/will soon be expired. I will be at next week’s practice in order to facilitate re-auths before crown tourney.

10159 05/27/15 Michael Acrensis Portland
12521 05/24/15 Heather Creighton Bowdoin
11945 05/13/15 Hoarr Dondersson Lewiston
10541 05/07/15 Richard Crowe Saco
12081 05/04/15 Perley of Malagentia Auburn
12043 04/07/15 Astrid Sigrun Ulfkillsdottir Portland
10579 03/26/15 Edward Macgyver Dos Scorpus Portland
12522 03/15/15 John Bement Kennebunk
12577 02/28/15 Valentin of Red Oak York
10584 02/15/15 Quentus Quinctilius Mortis Standish
12576 01/20/15 Jake Sanford
12238 12/10/14 Bjorn Thorson Lewiston
11416 12/05/14 Erik Oxnech Oxford
12440 10/24/14 Tovi Auburn
11730 09/10/14 Dunca MacFarland Saco
12499 08/24/14 Raiztlin Lewiston
10910 08/20/14 Tristan of Thunder MTN Auburn
10777 07/22/14 Brion Bearheart Poland
12408 06/13/14 Jaxx Cordova Bridgton
12350 05/29/14 Wulfgar Tygereye Lewiston
12406 05/18/14 Raanoulfr Bridgton
12405 05/12/14 Ulfblod Beddeford

91067 5/24/2015 Odelina of St. Albans Bowdoin
91038 5/7/2015 Richard Crowe Saco
90408 2/15/2015 Quentius Quinctilius Mortis Standish
90160 2/14/2015 Ivan Ulrickson Portland
91081 12/28/2014 Donato Balthazar Parsonsfield
91001 11/26/2014 Anna Desmarais North Berwick
91021 9/27/2014 Marhalt Portland
91000 7/6/2014 Benjamin Lancaster Reis Norway
90985 7/2/2014 Miles Aurundel South Portland

Populace Discussion

Unto the Province and Ridings of Malagentia,

I send you greetings and well wishes in addition to considerable thanks to all who have made this winter a far more energetic and amazing time than I can recall in many years. I am writing to all of you to bring you and update concerning a recent discussions that have been had by our officers and members of the Province.

I’ve mentioned previously that we would be creating a survey for the populace. One of the goals of the survey will be to help us obtain understanding of how you see things currently as well as where you feel we need to go from here. Your feedback will be critical in shaping the days to come. Our officers and I are assembling this list of questions and you should expect to receive the survey and or link to the survey in short order. This survey will be available to all residing within Malagentia (this includes the Ridings). Paid members and non-paid members will have every opportunity to respond.

Another topic of discussion we need to have, ties directly into the question the survey will seek to answer, “Where do we go from here?” Over the many months of my term as Seneschal I have had several conversations about the future. One question that I frequently receive is “Why is Malagentia a province and not a barony?” This discussion is something we owe ourselves no matter our feeling on the subject.

We are a group with a strong foundation and I for one believe that that strength can allow us to have this discussion without injury. Members have said they would like this discussion to take place and as the Seneschal I will make sure that we have every opportunity to do so in an open and respectful manner.

As people are very passionate about this subject I would remind you all that this is only a discussion. There is no vote here, but there is an opportunity to understand our past and explore ideas. No longer is it sufficient for us to reply to the question about why we are a province with the answer, “because we have been.”

As Aristotle said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Let us show that enlightened quality and have this discussion. While doing so we shall keep with the founding principles of our Society, that we treat each other with respect and care. It is unfortunate that I have to state that there will be zero tolerance for anything other than the very best of behaviors.

Our next steps:

As mentioned you will be provided with the survey- all input with be anonymous.

We will be setting up several “town hall” discussions in various locations throughout the Province in addition to our yahoo group forum and in-person conversations. I will be the moderator of these discussions and will do so in an impartial manner. To start these will not be held at the monthly Province meetings.

We will examine all the feedback and then provide the membership with the results.

My next post will be to provide the populace with information concerning the differences between a Province and a Barony.

I look forward to speaking with you all concerning this.

In Service,
Colonel Christian Woolfe op, ogr, osc, rdt
Province of Malagentia

Agenda for Monthly Business Meeting 4/2

Hello One and All,

Here is our Agenda for our monthly business meeting held this Thursday night (4/2) at Doughboys in Westbrook (57 Bridge St, Westbrook, ME 04092) at 7pm. These items were discussed at our last officers meeting as well as past Province meetings and we will be bringing the results to the membership for a vote for next steps.

Castle – proposal to recycle materials
Committees formed:
Operational Guide-lines review – this document needs updating
Provincial Honors- proposed committee to bring this project to fruition and implement
Communication – options for web based communication forums
Storage- trailer budget investigation

Please join us and join the discussion.

Thank you,