Registered Names with Heraldry

This is an alphabetical list of names and devices passed through the SCA College of Heralds for persons who were residents of Malagentia at the time that their name or arms were passed. If you have an East Kingdom Wiki page, the images are linked to your individual page.

These pictures are presented here to aid in the identification of each others’ heraldry and is not meant as an official record of what is or is not passed. Any discrepancies between this list and the official records of the College of Heralds shall be resolved in favor of the official record.

Please contact the Herald with any errors or omissions or if you have a preferred rendition of your device that you would like used here.


Abigail Crane
Purpure, a catamount passant argent and a base ermine.


Adrienne d’Evreus
Azure, a fleur-de-lys argent and a bordure gules.


Aelfwyn Marie von Augsburg
Purpure goutty d’eau, a needle Or.


Aldrich von Bremen
Or, a saltire gules between four bears rampant sable.


Alexandre Saint Pierre
Quarterly vert and sable, in saltire a key Or and a key argent.


Anastasia Guta
Per pale purpure and argent, a chevron per pale ermine and counter-ermine.


Anna Serena
Per chevron purpure and argent, three daisies counterchanged.


Anna Mickel von Salm
Argent, on a pale sable a rose argent, a bordure gules


Arthur Bayn
Per bend sinister azure and argent, a bear statant contourny and a dolmen counterchanged.


Antony Martin of Sheffield
Per fess embattled vert and argent, three arrows bendwise inverted argent flighted Or and a tree eradicated proper.


Arnóra Bjólfsdóttir
Sable a sun and on a chief Or two bees sable.


Arturus of Aranmore
Argent, a dragon rampant between three wheels azure.


Ascelinne de Chambord
Argent, a chevron sable between three unicorns’ heads couped azure.


Asther de Perpinya
Or, a brazier suspended by a chain chevronwise gules, in base two bars wavy azure.


Astryda Borowska
Vert, on a pale between two mullets of eight points argent, a peacock’s plume vert, eyed and shafted azure.


Aureliana Curva
Gules, a triangle inverted between three spiders argent.


Bianca di Firenze
Per chevron azure and argent, three passion nails one and two argent and a pomegranate gules.


Birna Svensdotter
Gules, a bear rampant on a chief argent three wooden staves bendwise sinister proper.


Boden Henebry
Per pale azure and gules, a saltire triply parted and fretted Or and in base a stag trippant argent.


Brenden Crane
Vert, a winged bull courant wings elevated and addorsed argent and a base Or.


Briana de Luna
Azure, a dragonfly Or and a chief wavy argent.


Brice Longarm
Per bend Or and azure, a dragonfly vert and a turtle Or.


Cailte Crobderg mac Scandal
Sable, on a fess between three domestic cat’s heads caboshed argent three triquetras vert.


Camille des Jardins
Vair, on a chief argent three cinquefoils azure.


Christiana Crane
Azure, a crane in its vigilance argent and a tierce ermine.


Christian Wolfe of Edinburgh
Per fess azure and argent, three thistles argent and a tree stump proper.


Christine Violet
Argent, a brown mouse passant proper


Conall an Doire
Per pale sable and azure, an oak tree couped and in chief three crescents, a bordure argent.


Connor MacSeamus O’Neal
Per fess azure and vert, a fess Or between three mullets in fess argent and a winged lion passant Or.


Deormund Wulfscyld
Purpure, estoilly Or, in pale a moon in her complement and a dexter gauntlet apaumy argent.


Drahomira Jaroslavna
Per saltire vert and gules, a fret and overall an oak chaplet, a bordure Or.


Edward de Bosco
Azure, a tree Or and on a chief embattled argent three Latin crosses flory sable.


Edward MacGyver
Per pale azure and argent, two scorpions tergiant counterchanged.


Einarr Saelingr
Quarterly argent and sable, a bend gules between two mullets of four points elongated to base argent.


Elaria Grenway
Gules, a mortar and pestle and on a chief embattled argent three clusters of three holly leaves in pall inverted vert fructed gules.


Elena Rosa da Venezia
Per fess wavy purpure and barry wavy azure and argent, a demi-sun issuant from the line of division Or and a bordure Or semy of roundels purpure.


Elen Alswyth of Eriskay
Argent, three passion nails and on a chief indented gules an estoile of seven rays argent.


Elgiva Wilhelm
Argent, on a roundel azure a reremouse Or, in chief three flax flowers azure.


Elle Du Pepperell
Argent, a chevron rompu sable between two roses and a dragonfly inverted gules.


Ellice de Valles
Per pale azure and argent, an owl and in chief a heart counterchanged.


Fionn mac Con Dhuibh
Azure, three orbs argent.


Heather mac Dowell
Vert, on a bend between a bow reversed and a quill pen bendwise argent, three oak leaves palewise azure.


Isabella de Bosco
Azure, a horse rampant and on a chief embattled argent, three shamrocks vert.


Ivan Ulrickson
Per fess wavy argent and barry wavy gules and argent, a crescent in chief and a bordure gules.


Jean-Michel de Taurion
Argent, masoned sable, a bull statant and a chief gules.


Jean de Montaigne
Argent, a compass star Or fimbriated and in chief three mullets, a base wavy azure.


Johannes von Braunschweig
Gules, in pale two demi-suns Or.


John Fowler
Gules, a goose regardant argent and a tierce ermine.


Katharina Helena von Hohenheim
Per bend sinister azure and argent, an oak leaf bendwise sinister and an acorn counterchanged.


Krystina Nikolaeva Vladimirova
Purpure, in pale two ermines passant reguardant proper.


Leon Cristo del Camino
Sable, a bend wavy Or between two Maltese crosses argent.


Logan Skrymshire
Per fess Or and sable, a bear passant and a bee counterchanged.


Lucien de Wyntere
Azure, a cross of Jerusalem within a bordure argent.


Magnús Surtsson
Vert, three triangles inverted conjoined two and one between three stag’s antlers in annulo each conjoined to itself Or


Mairghread NicNeachdainn
Per chevron sable fretty argent and semy of fountains, and azure, in base a tyger dormant argent.


Mara Wischart
Vert, on a bend engrailed between two annulets Or three cinquefoils azure.


Marcus Blackaert
Sable, a lion rampant argent charged on the shoulder with a heart sable, in chief three fleurs-de-lys argent.


Marie D’Agincourt
Per pall argent, purpure, and azure, a cinquefoil vert and two icosahedra argent.


Maria Beatrice del Mare
Vert, a pale wavy argent between six roses Or.


Maxton Gunn
Sable, in pale a heart and a chain of three links chevronwise inverted, the center link fracted, argent.


Michael Acrensis
Gules, on a bend sinister between two crosses of Jerusalem argent three crescents palewise gules.


Miles of Whitewood Hall
Quarterly sable and argent, two trees blasted argent.


Moire Browne of Atherdee
Vert, a tankard argent charged with a thistle vert headed purpure.


Molly Schofield
Per bend sinister gules and argent, a sun counterchanged.


Murtagh MacKenzie
Argent, a lymphad in full sail vert, on a chief wavy purpure two crosses formy Or.


Mylisant Grey
Per pale azure and Or, a thistle counterchanged.


Richard Crowe
Checky of nine sable and argent, four crows migrant sable.


Nāşir ibn Makkī


Sadhbha ni Ruaidhri
Or, on a pile flory at the tip vert a cross flory argent.


Samuel Peter Bump
Quarterly purpure and sable, a sinister hand in benediction sustaining a sheaf of arrows fesswise reversed argent.


Sarra an Doire
Per fess sable and gules, an owl displayed and in chief three crescents within a bordure argent.


Sigrida Arnsdottir
Per bend vert and sable, a bend embattled-counterembattled between an eagle’s head erased and a stag’s antler conjoined to itself in annulo tines outward Or.


Simon Peter Squirrel
Or, three cats sejant guardant sable and on a chief azure an arrow Or.


Sólveig Bjarnardóttir
Per bend azure and sable, a sword fesswise reversed Or and overall a musical note argent.


Steinar Bjornsson
Per pale indented sable and Or, a valknut and a raven counterchanged.


Stephan of Silverforge
Argent, on a pale cotised between two swords inverted azure, in pale a mullet and a sword inverted argent.


Tamlene ap Guidgen
Azure, a chasing hammer and a tierce dovetailed Or.


Thomas de Winterwade
Vert, on a chevron between three bears rampant argent, seven Latin crosses vert.


Tiernan Shepherd
Gules, a bend sinister checky argent and sable between two crescents Or.


Titus Claudius Silvanus
Argent, two lightning bolts in saltire gules, overall a wolf’s head couped sable.


Trian O’Bruadair
Per pale sable and argent, a vol and in chief a compass rose all within a bordure counterchanged.


Wynefryd Bredhers
Vert, a fern within a bordure Or.



Gorham Archery Practices

There will be Archery and Thrown Weapons practices at Bartlett Cottage in Gorham as announced on the yahoo list.
When announced these practices will be official practices with an Archery Marshall present to count Royal Rounds.

Waterboro Archery Practices

Archery Practice will be held at the home of Max & Mickel in Waterboro on selected Sundays throughout the year, as announced on the Provincial weblist; .

An Archery Marshall will be present, and part of each practice will be set aside for shooting official Royal Rounds.

Max & Mickel may be contacted for confirmation, directions, etc., at (207)602-8817.


Got Photos?

One of the things that our new website framework will enable us to have is a photo gallery.  If you have a favorite photo of Malagentia or Malagentians that you have taken, please submit it to Mylisant for inclusion in the inaugural edition of the Malagentia photo gallery.  In addition to a digital copy of your photograph, please fill out and include a copy of this Photographer Release Form.

If you know the names of any people in your photo, please include that information as well. Modern names or SCA names will do.

We have many talented photographers in our Province.  This is your opportunity to shine.  All photos in the gallery will be fully credited to the photographer.

Great Northeastern War in the News

If you paid close attention at this year’s Great Northeastern War, you noticed a few people being escorted around site toting cameras.  They were reporters from the Lewiston Sun Journal who put together a couple of lovely pieces about the event.

One piece focused more on martial activities and featured still photos and video of the fighting and other activities that took place over the weekend as well as spotlight interviews with Astrid, Cailte, Raiztlin and Carolyne.

Another piece opened with a dancer and took a more holistic approach to the event in a well-produced 2 and 3/4 minute video that described many of the non-martial activities that took place while still managing to catch a bit of the action from the fencing tavern brawl.

Three cheers to our hard-working Chatelaine, Seneschal and Deputy Seneschal who worked hard to give these journalists access to our event so that the fun we have could be documented for the rest of the state to see.

RenDance Wrap-Up 4/16/13

Thank you to everyone who joined us tonight. The only casualty of the evening was Camille’s Crocs, but that’s a story for another time..

We reviewed (in order of appearance):

Rufty Tufty
Bizzarria d’Amore
Heart’s Ease
Gracca Amorosa
Cuckolds All A Row




Do you want to be a Scribal God/Goddess or just look like one?


MARCH 9th, 2013
Eliot Baptist Church
912 Harold Dow Highway
Eliot, Maine 03903

We are looking for teachers for ALL THINGS SCRIBAL! We would love teachers
for all levels of classes.

  • Do you want to teach but don’t know what to teach? Contact Honig or Camille and we can tell you what some of the “requested” classes are.  For example, I would like someone who is very good at fixing mistakes to hold a class. Please show scribes how to scrape, dab, cover, fudge and fix those scrolls that need it. Nobody wants to learn how to fix on a scroll that is due in a few days.
  • Do you have a talent for writing words? We would love to know some of your process! How do you make it look so easy?
  • Do you have a little trick you would like to share? We are going to set up stations for the 30 Second Scribal University…for example: I want a refresher on how to use an ames lettering guide but don’t need to sit through the beginning calligraphers class.
  • Would you like to consult on scrolls? Someone may be having trouble with a small part of the process and the nearest scribe lives far away.

To join in the fun, or just ask questions, please email:

Ro Honig von Sommerfeldt at   or   Camille De Jardins  at    We can also be reached over Facebook.