Great Northeastern War in the News

If you paid close attention at this year’s Great Northeastern War, you noticed a few people being escorted around site toting cameras.  They were reporters from the Lewiston Sun Journal who put together a couple of lovely pieces about the event.

One piece focused more on martial activities and featured still photos and video of the fighting and other activities that took place over the weekend as well as spotlight interviews with Astrid, Cailte, Raiztlin and Carolyne.

Another piece opened with a dancer and took a more holistic approach to the event in a well-produced 2 and 3/4 minute video that described many of the non-martial activities that took place while still managing to catch a bit of the action from the fencing tavern brawl.

Three cheers to our hard-working Chatelaine, Seneschal and Deputy Seneschal who worked hard to give these journalists access to our event so that the fun we have could be documented for the rest of the state to see.

RenDance Wrap-Up 4/16/13

Thank you to everyone who joined us tonight. The only casualty of the evening was Camille’s Crocs, but that’s a story for another time..

We reviewed (in order of appearance):

Rufty Tufty
Bizzarria d’Amore
Heart’s Ease
Gracca Amorosa
Cuckolds All A Row




Do you want to be a Scribal God/Goddess or just look like one?


MARCH 9th, 2013
Eliot Baptist Church
912 Harold Dow Highway
Eliot, Maine 03903

We are looking for teachers for ALL THINGS SCRIBAL! We would love teachers
for all levels of classes.

  • Do you want to teach but don’t know what to teach? Contact Honig or Camille and we can tell you what some of the “requested” classes are.  For example, I would like someone who is very good at fixing mistakes to hold a class. Please show scribes how to scrape, dab, cover, fudge and fix those scrolls that need it. Nobody wants to learn how to fix on a scroll that is due in a few days.
  • Do you have a talent for writing words? We would love to know some of your process! How do you make it look so easy?
  • Do you have a little trick you would like to share? We are going to set up stations for the 30 Second Scribal University…for example: I want a refresher on how to use an ames lettering guide but don’t need to sit through the beginning calligraphers class.
  • Would you like to consult on scrolls? Someone may be having trouble with a small part of the process and the nearest scribe lives far away.

To join in the fun, or just ask questions, please email:

Ro Honig von Sommerfeldt at   or   Camille De Jardins  at    We can also be reached over Facebook.

Arts & Sciences Report Q4 2012

  • Instrumental and vocal started up again in September, instrumental on first and third Wednesdays, vocal on second and fourth.
  • Dance practice continues to go well on the third Thursday of the month. We continue to have a good turnout, and have made progress on several new (to us) dances.
  • Illumination and calligraphy classes happen as announced, generally second Thursday of the month
  • Scrolls done by Malagentian Scribes have been displayed and awarded at several events.
  • Christiana Crane won the populace vote in the Scribal Largesse challenge at Crown Tourney, and has since joined the Eastern scribal community.
  • Preparations for Yule feast entertainment are happening with both vocal and instrumental Dissonatas sections.
  • An A&S day geared towards newcomers is planned for December 8. Sewing and heraldry will be focused on, but all are welcome.
  • All Things Scribal (Northern Region) has been bid for March 2013. Awaiting approval. Ro Honig von Sommerfeldt and Camille des Jardins will be co-autocratting this day of classes and talks.

In Service,
~Camille desJardins
mka Genevieve Coombs
MoAS, Province of Malagentia
Member #179047 exp.June 30, 2013