Agneda for November’s Business Meeting 11/5

Hello Everyone- Just a reminder of this month’s business meeting agenda.

We will be discussing the following:
-Best Practices for the upcoming budget meeting
-Provincial Honors discussion
-Pending elections- Nominations are currently open for:

Knight Marshal
Arts and Sciences
Minister of Lists

The term for these offices is two years.
Please provide your proof of membership if you have been nominated.

Here’s a copy of our current election procedures


1.) Elections are to be held at the December Province meeting in odd numbered years.

2.) The Province Chronicler shall post notice of the election date and the nominees to all current paid SCA members residing in Malagentia via the Malagentia Website, Malagentia List and the Moonstone.

3.) The Chronicler is responsible for printing, distributing, and collecting ballots.

4.) Absentee ballots will be accepted up to 24 hours prior to the time of the election. Gentles voting in this fashion are responsible for seeing that their ballots will reach the Chronicler in time.

5.) If necessary, the Chronicler is empowered to request verification that any voter is a paid member of the SCA, Inc., and a resident of the Province of Malagentia aged 14 years and above. Such verification may be a membership card or label from a Pikestaff or other Kingdom or Society level publication and an official mundane ID.

6.) Ballots will be counted and verified by the Chronicler and two gentles not running for office. Any ballots received after the start of the ballot counting will not be included in the final total.

7.) A simple majority of votes of paid members is required for election to office.



Thank you,


Seneschal – Malagentia

Election reminder

Hello folks,
Keep in mind that we will be taking nominations for elections at the next Province monthly business meeting (11/5). If you are planning to run for an office, please reach out to myself, my deputy, and the officer currently holding the position (even if they are planning to run again themselves, I’m sure they will be happy to talk about the role). In order for a nomination to be confirmed, I will need proof of current membership.

Elections will be held at our December Province meeting.

Thank you for your service!

Latest from your Senescal- Provincial Honors and Elections

Unto the Province and Ridings therein I send greetings!

At our last monthly business meeting we circulated the Provincial Honors (Hereafter referred to as Malagentian honors) proposal that our team has labored to create and put forward for our consideration.

As per that discussion here is a copy of the proposal for your consideration (see below). The proposal has been entered as new business and usually that will mean a vote at our next meeting, but in the interest of making sure everyone has enough time for careful consideration, we will discuss the proposal at next month’s business meeting and then put forward for a vote at the December business meeting.

Please direct any questions you have to me and my deputy.

Lastly, please keep in mind that it’s time to start thinking about who will be running for officer positions for next year. Nominations will be opened at the November business meeting with elections following in December. If you are interested in running for a position please do the following:

Go to the current Provincial Guidelines listed on the website and familiarize yourself with the position and its requirements, e.g. attend business and officer meetings, submit budget requests, attend events, etc.
Contact the current officer holding that position and discuss what demands, challenges, and benefits the position has.
Make sure your membership is up to date- I have to confirm this for all nominees.
Get nominated and win the election… easy as can be.

If you have any question concerning the election process, please contact me and I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Thank you,



Proposal for the Establishment of

Provincial Honors for the

Province Of Malagentia


In accordance with the expressed wishes of the members of the Province of Malagentia, to enact some method of recognizing the skills, deeds, and services of their local residents. As such actions are allowed under East Kingdom law. (Darius and Etheldreda 5/31/15 Section VII. Branches, Subsection H, Provinces: 5. A Province, because it has no ceremonial head, may give no awards, but may bestow Provincial honors.) This document is intended to serve as a proposal for the establishment of said honors, their symbols, definitions, requirements, and methods of bestowal.



  • In accordance with Kingdom Law, and to avoid uncertainty about their nature, all Provincial honors shall be referred to as Malagentian Honors.
  • There shall be 4 varieties of Malagentian Honors. In no particular order they are.
  1. Martial
  2. Arts, and Sciences
  3. Service
  4. Courtesy
  • The Symbols for the Provincial honors shall be as follows.
  1. Martial: (On a shield purpure a moon in her compliment)
  2. Arts and Sciences: (A roundel argent bordered purpure a torch of knowledge purpure)
  3. Service: (Purpure A moon in its plenitude argent)
  4. Courtesy: (On a chalice purpure inverted charged with a moon in her compliment inverted argent)



  • Martial: Efforts in any martial activity worthy of attention.
  • Arts and Sciences: Efforts in the Arts or Sciences worthy of attention.
  • Service: Services or labors worthy of attention.
  • Courtesy: Any action or activity that displays a level of personal generosity worthy of attention.



Any person may recommend a person to receive a Malagentian Honor. To do so, that person only needs to communicate that recommendation to any officer of the province.   That officer should then bring that persons recommendation to the full complement of officers, whatever that is at the time.   They can then discuss the merits of the recommendation based on the definition of the honor.

A vote should then be taken. A simple majority of affirmative votes shall be sufficient to qualify the candidate for the honor recommended.   The officers, or those specifically tasked in accordance to the needs of the award in question, shall make whatever arrangements are necessary to bestow the honor at a positive and convenient time and place.


Section VII. Branches, Subsection G. Provinces:

5. A Province, because it has no ceremonial head, may give no awards, but
may bestow Provincial honors.Section VII. Branches, Subsection G. Provinces:

5. A Province, because it has no ceremonial head, may give no awards, but
may bestow Provincial honors.Section VII. Branches, Subsection G. Provinces:

5. A Province, because it has no ceremonial head, may give no awards, but
may bestow Provincial honors.

Agenda for Monthly Business Meeting 4/2

Hello One and All,

Here is our Agenda for our monthly business meeting held this Thursday night (4/2) at Doughboys in Westbrook (57 Bridge St, Westbrook, ME 04092) at 7pm. These items were discussed at our last officers meeting as well as past Province meetings and we will be bringing the results to the membership for a vote for next steps.

Castle – proposal to recycle materials
Committees formed:
Operational Guide-lines review – this document needs updating
Provincial Honors- proposed committee to bring this project to fruition and implement
Communication – options for web based communication forums
Storage- trailer budget investigation

Please join us and join the discussion.

Thank you,

June MoonLite is now available

juneSummer is here and so is the June issue of MoonLite.  Catch up on the latest from this month’s Province meeting, news from the Ridings and Hadchester and read up on How To Submit Someone For An Award, the first topic of the new Province Talk lecture series.  Grab a cold one and get reading!