• Dance List for the New Moon Balle Announced!

    New Moon Balle – Dance List

    Friday, 8pm

    in the Barn

    Set 1:
    Lorayne Almayn
    Horses Bransle
    Jenny Pluck Pears
    Scottish Bransle
    Gracca Amorosa
    Rufty Tufty
    Upon A Summer’s Day
    Pinagay Bransle
    Ly Bens Distoays
    Gathering Peascods

    Set 2:
    Black Almayn
    Bransle Official
    Black Nag
    Bizzarria d’Amore
    Hearts Ease
    Maltese Bransle (Schiarazula Marazula)
    Petit Vriens
    Sellenger’s ...

  • Wood and Ice and Recycling! Oh my!

    This just in!!!  Barring any unforeseen circumstances, The Great Northeastern War will have both ice and firewood for sale on site!!!!!  First come first serve.  Please also be aware that we plan to have single-sort recycling available as well.  Returnables are always welcomed by the campground and the recycling bin will be located by the ...

  • It’s WAR!!!

    Good People of Malagentia!

    It is with heavy and most well considered, debated, and advised conscience that I come before you now and inform you that Malagentia once again stands in the shadow of a force that would see our “Stuff” and I fear soon after our “things” be taken from our peoples.

    The ...

  • Siege!

    The Siege range will be open based on interest and marshal availability starting on Thursday evening 6 pm and be usable at the discretion and under the direction of proper marshals for the entire weekend.

    Siege enthusiasts should make ever effort to use this time as a chance ...

  • Volunteers Needed!

    There are many places that we need large amounts of labor to pull off the event that is Great Northeastern War.
    To volunteer prior to the event, please contact or .

    Volunteer Areas

    • Truck Loading –  Tuesday, 7 Jul 2015, 4pm.
    • Site Set-up – Wednesday, 8 Jul ...