Heavy List

All heavy list fighting will be fought with the standard SCA and East Kingdom conventions for combat, armor and weapons standards.  Each participant MUST be inspected prior to their first battle.  All times subject to change at the whim of weather and field conditions.


1pm – 2pm Battlefield open for CA armor, weapons and ammo inspections. LOCATION: South end of Battlefield.

2pm – 4pm Battlefield open for early inspections and authorizations. No formal battles, however the field will be open for pickups and pickup melees if fighters wish and marshals are avalable. DUE TO THE NUMBER OF FIGHTERS NEEDING INSPECTIONS AND REAUTHORIZATIONS WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT PEOPLE REAUTHORIZE AT THIS TIME AND NOT WAIT UNTIL SATURDAY MORNING. LOCATION Battlefield tent. 

4pm – 6pm The Deed of Arms

The most Honorable Combatants and Gracious Gallery gathers this year to say goodbye to one who has been a friend of the Deed since it began. 

Lord Nuttus Assingdone will always be remembered as one who loved pageantry, history, and humor, and so with this years Deed dedicated to his honor and memory we will pay our respects in these three ways: 

Each worthy competing for the Shield of Honor bestowed upon them by the Gallery shall take part in three distinct challenges. 

The Challenges: The two fighting parts of the challenges are standard SCA Engagement/Hit rules

  • Spear vs Spear at the Barrier.  Nuttus was a lover of the verbal joust, and here combatants shall screw their courage to the sticking post, and trade thrusts upon thrust until a winner named. Best 2 out of 3. Winner stays at barrier. 
  • The Twig and Berries Shield/Shield/Polearm triad. Two shield bearing warriors must keep their polearm fighter alive. Shield bearers have no weapons only shields, must kill pole arm fighter for victory. Triads can be made up before event, or assigned randomly. 
  • The Last Laugh Combatant must stand with their opponent at the barrier, clasp hands, and tell them a joke that makes them laugh. 
  • Ransom Battle 360 Engagement field battle. 3 Hits to stun.  No Sword and Shield. Pole weapons must have shaped head.  All combatants must have a ransom to pay out if taken prisoner

About the Deed at GNEW

The “Deed,” held at Great NorthEastern War, is a High Persona Deed of Arms based on Historical 14th century events.

It is modeled off of the Combat of the Thirty Deed of Arms that take place at Pennsic and Gulf Wars, with added elements representative of the Edward III Grand Tournaments held during the 14th century.

It is our mission to highlight the use of high fidelity 14th century kits, as well as reward those making gains toward improvement, by providing a background setting full of chivalry and pageantry. That being the case, all participants shall be in a 14th century kit. With reasonable exceptions made for safety, and SCA armor standards. Closed faced helms are not required but very strongly encouraged. Absolutely no visible plastic or “sports gear”. Plastic or sports gear  completely covered by a 14 century surcoat is allowed. No plastic shields or basket  hilted swords are allowed. Mitten or “clamshell” gauntlets are allowed provided they are metal.

9pm – 10pm Torchlight Tournament – The sun has set, the pretty lords and ladies of the Deed have left to dance, and the sheep are finally asleep.  Don your armor, grab your weapon, and join us for a tourney by torchlight where we all look like champions of old in the flickering darkness.  Nectar of the bees for the victor.

This is a heavy list singles’ tourney, fought by torchlight.  Tourney starts at 9pm and will be held on the field of the Deed. 


8am – 10am Inspections and Authorizations. Priority will be given to CA for the first hour. 

9am – 10am CA Tournaments. The first 1/2 hour will be a dodgeball style tournament. The second 1/2 hour will be a “The Quick and the Dead” tournament. This is for Combat Archers only. No shield support. Come show your accuracy, speed, awareness, and prowess. 

Authorizations and inspections will continue during the tournament. 

10am – 11am break for Court. 

11am – 11:30am  Final call for inspections. 

11:30am – 3pm Battlefield Senarios. 

      Welcome all to the GNEW battlefield where we will help decide the conflict Between Stonemarche and Carolingia over some stolen sheep. I, Doyen Crowe,  having HERD of this dispute of sheep having been FLEECED by some BAAAAHHHHHDDDDD people will SHEPHERD the armies through 4 interesting senarios fitting this years theme. 

While each senario will allow us to practice some standard (i.e. field, bridge, woods) tactics there will be a number of twists and turns to make the senarios unique and fun. And don’t worry, there will be plenty of opportunities for the armies to RAM into each other. 

Each battle will be described in detail before we start. Fighters will then have 5 minutes to armor and assemble before the lay on. At the conclusion of each battle will be a 15 minutes water/rest (ammo reinspection) period. The fighters will again assemble for the description of the next senario. Because we have limited time and lots of fighting to do, this will be strictly adhered to. If hay bales need to be moved, the rest period will start after the hay bales have been reset. ALL BATTLES EXCEPT THE WOODS WILL HAVE CA.

  • Battle #1 Woods: 30 minute capture the sheep woods battle with unlimited resurrections and multiple capture points. No CA. (3 war points)
  • Battle #2 Naval battle with elements of bridge battles. 2 sheep transport ships have collided. Capture your opponents sheep and return it to your ship. Timed resurrection points, and Combat archery will require different tactics than standard bridge engagements. (1 war point)
  • Battle #3 Mountain pass battle. Based on one of the most famous battles in history (Thermopylae) now with added sheepy shenanigans. Each side will take turns as the attacker and defender. The side that kills the sacred sheep in the shortest time wins. Limited front, limited weapons forms, and other surprises. Including CA “blotting out the sun”. (1 war point)
  • Battle #4 Broken field battle. 30 minute broken field resurection battle with 3 static capture points. Be warned, we have herd that there are flocks of sheep present that are more than happy to be rather disruptive.  (2 points)

Anytime left over will be used for training and pickups