Master Event Schedule

Site Opens: 12:00 PM on Thursday, 14 July 2022

Site Closes: 12:00 PM on Sunday, 17 July 2022

This page will be updated periodically as more information becomes available.

Please see the individual activity pages for complete details on scheduled items.

Current Schedule

12pm Site Opens

12 – 6pm Thrown Weapons Range Open

2pm Embroidery & Cord Challenge Kits Available: Info Point

2 – 5pm Info Point Open

2 – 6pm Family Point Open

2 – 7pm Archery Range Open -inspections, Royal Rounds & Novelty

3 – 6pm Rapier Open Field – inspections, authorizations and pickups

8:45pm Teen Meet-up – Capture the Sheep!: Family Point

10pm Gate Closes


All Day Great Northeastern University Classes (see classes schedule)

6am – 10pm Gate open

9am Archery Range – Open

Rapier Auths & Inspections: Rapier Field

9am – 5pm Info Point open

9am – 6pm Family Point Open – Great Sheep Game

10am Youth Combat MIT meetings: Family Point

Five-Person Rapier Melees: Rapier Field

Under-Five Thrown Weapons tourney “Save the Royal Garden”

11am Youth Combat Inspections: Family Point

Five-Person Cut & Thrust Melee: Rapier Field

Thrown Weapons Range Open

12:30pm Rapier Tavern Brawl: Barn

1pm Beginners Thrown Weapons

Combat Archery Authorizations & Inspections: Battlefield

A&S Petting Zoo

2pm Heavy List open for Auths & Inspections: Battlefield

Youth Combat Archery Shoot: Family Point

3pm Youth Combat Tourney: Family Point

4pm By The Book Rapier Tourney: Rapier Field

Deed of Arms: Battlefield

6pm Dance Class: Barn

8pm Malagentian New Moon Balle: Barn

9pm Torchlight Tourney: Battlefield

Open Bardic: Town Center


All Day Great Northeastern University Classes (see classes schedule)

6am – 3pm Gate open

8am Rapier Auths & Inspections: Rapier Field

Heavy List open for Auths & Inspections: Battlefield

9am Combat Archery Tournament: Battlefield

Archery Range Open 

Thrown Weapons Range Open

Pennsic Rapier Singles Tourney: Rapier Field

GNEW Novice Tourney: Rapier Field

9am – 3:30pm Family Point Open – Great Sheep Game

9am – 5pm Info Point Open

10am Morning Court: Town Center

10:30 – 12pm Grand Exhibition Registration Opens: Barn

11am Great OGR Mix’n’Match Rapier Field

Heavy Battles: Battlefield

12pm G. Finche Memorial Cut & Thrust Tourney Rapier Field

12 – 3pm Grand Exhibition Open: Barn

1pm Rapier Melee: Rapier Field

Potables Competition Sign In: Barn

2pm Potables Round Table Judging: Barn

3pm Malagentian Maaaaaad Sheep Thrown Weapons Tournament

Youth Combat Melee: Family Point 

4:30pm Royal Court: Front of Barn

All Fields Closed

End of Court Foresters’ Court: A&S Tents

Embroidery & Cord Challenge Entries Due: Barn

9pm Open Bardic: Town Center


9am Curia: Barn

10am Shopping War Point Forms Due: Info Point 

11am Closing Ceremonies: Front of Barn

12pm Site Closes