Thrown Weapons


Thanks to the generosity of our Marshal in Charge, Tomas Bergstrom, the thrown weapons range will be open all weekend. Whether you are new to thrown weapons or an experienced arm, we will have something for you. We encourage everyone to bring their own weapons for throwing, and we plan to have a limited amount of loaner gear available.

Please visit the East Kingdom Thrown Weapons page for more information about range rules, royal rounds, weapons, and throwing technique. Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times while on the range. No authorizations are necessary, and the range is open to anyone age 5 and older. Youth between the ages of 5 and 12 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian while the child is throwing, no exceptions. The adult accompanying the youth must be the parent or legal guardian, not another family member or friend, and have filled out the youth thrower paperwork for any youth under 18 ( Packet will also be available at info point. This will be strictly enforced.

War Points: There will be 2 war point shoots: Under 5, and free the
sheep. Each thrower will have 1 chance. War point shoots can only be
shot Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Thrown Weapons Schedule

Thursday 12pm to 6pm – Range Open 

Friday 10am to 6pm – Range Open

Saturday 10am to 6pm – Range Open
*All times subject to Marshal availability

Under 5 Tourney “Save the Royal Garden” 10am – 11am. 1 War Point.

Want to see the King’s and Queen’s Thrown weapon champions of tomorrow? Has your child ever thrown a toy or pacifier and struck something else with uncanny accuracy? Does your little one seem bored out of their gourd at some events because there is nothing for them to do while the bigger folk all get to throw things or do other fun activities? Well then bring them to our returning favorite tourney geared just for them, The Under 5 Tourney. As rules state “no one under the age of 5 is allowed to throw” regular weapons. Which is why we will supply them with foam Axes and Hammers. And send them on a small quest to hone their skills. (if you have a small 5 year old, bring them along as well)

Open tourney – “Save the Sheep”

Viking Braid Toss: will have 4 sheep to save, but don’t hit the sheep or hurt the king’s sheep!!!

The Malagentian Maaaaad Sheep Thrown Weapons Tournament

As many of you may have herd, war has come to Malagentia. Brig- ands from Carolingia have fleeced some sheep from Stonemarche and are on the lamb in Malagentia. Warriors, Throwers, Archers, and many other citizens of the Eastern lands have flocked to our fair Provence to help resolve this conflict. But while the wool of war was pulled over our eyes, there is another threat on the horizon that the throwers of the East are uniquely skilled to deal with. A flock of sheep has been infected with Malagentian Mad Sheep Disease and are running amok and
need to be dealt with before they infect other flocks or even innocent citizens. It is up to ewe the throwers of the East to save us from this wooly threat.

The tournament will run in 2 parts: qualifiers and finals. The qualifiers are OPEN TO ALL THROWERS of all ages and skill level and will be held at multiple times on Friday and Saturday. The top 10 scores from the qualifiers will then advance to the finals on Saturday afternoon starting at 3.

Qualifying Rounds

  • Friday 10-12 and 2-4.
  • Saturday 9-11 and 12:30-2:30

The rules for the qualifying round are as follows: each thrower will throw 2 “sets” of weapons at a multi-target WALL (similar to the Pennsic champions tournament target) with the different targets being worth different points based on difficulty. The 2 sets will be added together for a total final score. You don’t have to throw both sets consecutively. If you choose, and time and space allow, a thrower may throw a 3rd set and take the best 2 scores. Range preference will be given to throwers who have not yet completed 2 sets.

Each “set” will consist of 4 throws each of knife and axe from 10′ and 2 spears from 20′. One calibration throw will be allowed (but not required) for each weapon. The targets are designated by the black lines (not the paint). Breaking the line goes to the benefit of the thrower. Only one stick per target, per weapon form, per set will score. Throw and retrieve will be allowed for the qualifying rounds. Top 10 scores will be posted at the range and updated regularly. In the event of a tie for the last spot, both throwers will advance.

Finals: Saturday from 3-4pm

The top 10 throwers qualifying will compete in a speed tournament for 1 hour. All throwers must bring 4 knives, 4 axes, and 2 spears to the tournament. Loaners will be avalable as needed.

The throwers will line up and one at a time throw their 4 (or 2) weapons at a new WALL target, representing the flock of sheep that have “Malagentian Mad Sheep Disease.” The same rules apply for this round as the qualifiers except the following:

  1. Each thrower must throw all 4 (or 2) weapons within 20 seconds.
  2. As there are multiple targets and this is a speed tournament there will be NO throw and retrieve during your set. Any weapon stuck in a target for at least 3 seconds will count even if they fall out after.
  3. Sticking in the target gets you the allocated points. Hitting the sheep gets you DOUBLE points.
  4. No calabration throws.

After each thrower is finished, their set will be scored and weapons retrieved as quickly as reasonably possible. That thrower will then switch weapons for the next set and move to the back of the line. The next thrower will take their place on the line and be prepared to throw on command.

After all throwers have thrown their set we will immediately start the next round with the next weapon form. Forms will rotate in the follow- ing order: knives (at 10′), axes (at 10′) and spears (at 20′).

We will continue to throw set after set, switching forms each set until we reach the one hour time limit. At that time, the remaining throwers will finish their set so that all throwers have an equal number of throws.

Ties will be broken by one knife throw each – highest score wins. We will repeat as necessary.

At the end of the tournament the thrower with the most points will be declared the winner and SAVIOR of the FLOCKS!!!!!