Site and Event Rules

THE SCA PROHIBITS HARASSMENT AND BULLYING OF ALL INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS. Participants engaging in this behavior are subject to appropriate sanctions. If you are subjected to harassment, bullying, or retaliation, or if you become aware of anyone being harassed or bullied, contact a Seneschal, President of the SCA, or your Kingdom’s Board Ombudsman. Per the Society Seneschal, July 17, 2017.

Hebron Pines Campground is a site that caters to large weekend events for private groups.  The site has a small bath house with flush toilets and showers, as well as a goodly-sized hall (suitable for holding court, or dancing, or what you will), and a limited number of pre-built firepits.

Site Address

Hebron Pines Campground
400 Buckfield Rd
Hebron, ME 04238
Google Map of this Location
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If you would like to leave a message for friends with the location of your camp, you may do so on a large map located at Information Point.


At the request of the site owners, pets are no longer allowed at Great Northeastern WarService animals are, of course, still welcome.

Remember that Great Northeastern War is held in a very rural location, and that wildlife of all types (including rodents and bald eagles) may come in contact with your service animal. Please be sure your animal has complete and current vaccinations before you bring it to Great Northeastern War.

Do not dispose of bags of animal waste in the portable toilets. The bags will damage the equipment used to pump out and clean the toilets.

Horses, poultry, or other livestock are not allowed on site.


Participants at Great Northeastern War are responsible for the disposal of their own garbage and clean up of their campsites. Hebron Pines Campground provides a dumpster for garbage disposal, located at the top of the parking lot. If you need garbage bags, they are available at Information Point for your convenience. Absolutely no garbage should be placed in grey water barrels, in port-a-potties, or the bath house. Bottles and cans purchased in Maine are subject to a 5 cent deposit, which is refundable when the bottles are returned to any bottle redemption center in the State or left in boxes/bags next to the dumpster to be picked up by the site owners. Thank you for your help in keeping this site clean.

Please do not dispose of anything other than human waste and toilet paper in the portable toilets. Every year, the folks who clean these units find disposable diapers, pet waste bags, feminine hygiene products, and even bottles and cans inside the tanks. These items can damage the equipment used to pump out and clean the toilets.

Grey Water

Hebron Pines campground, like all campgrounds in Maine, is subject to stringent grey water discharge regulations.  Grey water (water used in washing dishes, run-off water from showers, and other types of waste water that contains soap or food remnants) may not be dumped onto the ground.  Collect all grey water from cooking and washing and dump it only at the designated grey water dumping stations. Please dispose of solids with your garbage. Grey water barrels are located next to nearly every port-a-potty and at the bathhouse. Please do not wash dishes at the bath house.

Improper disposal of grey water violates state and county health department guidelines, impacts the environmental quality of our land and water resources, and may result in hefty fines for Hebron Pines campground and the SCA, inc.

Please DO NOT wash dishes in the sinks inside the bath house.

Leave No Trace

When you are leaving, please check your camping area carefully for any trash or other items left behind.

Hebron Pines Campground provides a dumpster for garbage disposal, located at the top of the parking lot. If you need garbage bags, they are available at Information Point for your convenience.

Please make sure you have all the tent stakes you came with! In past events, the site owners discovered a number of tent stakes in the worst possible way — by driving over them with their lawn tractor. Please help us avoid damage to the site’s equipment by double checking to ensure you have taken all your stakes with you!

Lost and Found 

Items can be left at Information Point.

RVs and Other Vehicles

Please note that although the campground does have hookups for RVs, we do not feel that RVs are conducive to creating a medieval atmosphere at our event, and our agreement with the management of Hebron Pines Campground does not allow for them.  Attendees are expected to camp in tents (medieval or modern).  All vehicles must be removed to the parking area as soon as possible after loading or unloading them.  You may not leave a motor vehicle in camp, even if you cover it with tarps or otherwise camouflage it. (Trailer-based tiny houses and wagon-style residences are not considered motor vehicles so long as they are designed to be towed.)

If you have special medical needs that require you to sleep in an RV (or other specially equipped vehicle) in order to attend the event, please contact the Event Stewards before July 1st to discuss your camping options.

CPAP and other Electrical Medical Needs

If you have special medical needs that require you to sleep in an RV (or other specially equipped vehicle) in order to attend the event, please contact the Event Stewards before July 1st to discuss your camping options.

There are a number of electrical outlets located on the site. If you need access to electricity to charge a CPAP, motorized scooter, or other medical device, please contact the autocrat before July 1st. Access to electricity is not part of our contract with Hebron Pines. There will be a small fee imposed by the campground for access to electrical outlets, but we will do our best to accommodate every camper.

Regarding Alcohol, Tobacco and Controlled Substances

Modern laws do not cease to apply just because you are at an SCA event. Should staff learn of illegal activity on site, we will not hesitate to evict the participants without refund and will contact local legal agencies if necessary. While marijuana is legal in Maine, it is illegal on a federal level, therefore the SCA has chosen to ban it at all events. Please respect this decision. The legal age for alcohol possession in Maine is 21. Please note that per East Kingdom Law, smoking is banned in the central areas of the event.

Fireworks, Fires, and Fire Wood

Maine state law allows for personal use of fireworks. Regardless of state law and local ordinances the Great Northeastern War does not allow fireworks due to the safety concerns. The concerns stem from the population density of the event and the volume of canvas and nylon at the event. Please do not bring fireworks of any kind to Great Northeastern War.

Do not dig fire pits.  Fires may be built only in the pre-built fire rings provided by the campground, or you may provide your own above-ground fireplace.  Pre-built fire rings may not be moved for any reason. Do not dispose of ashes from fires unless they are completely cold. Failure to do so may cause a fire.

State regulations prohibit importing firewood from other states. A private vendor will be selling firewood on site. You may also purchase firewood from a number of stores in the nearby towns of Mechanic Falls, Poland, Oxford, and Lewiston. Please plan to acquire your firewood as close to the site as possible. Do not cut branches from or cut down trees.

Absolutely no tiki torches in the woods, under overhanging branches, or within 30 feet of the wood line.


For more information on minors attending Great Northeastern War, please see this page.

Pavilions on the Battlefield

Due to the size of the safety zone needed for Combat Archery to take place without danger to spectators, the space available to set up pavilions or sunshades at the sides of the battlefield is somewhat limited.  All persons wishing to erect structures on the battlefield must obtain permission from the Battlefield Coordinator before setting up.

Arrival Before Thursday, July 11th

Arrival and camping prior to gate open is strictly for staff and set-up volunteers. If you wish to arrive earlier, please contact the event steward.