Rapier Combat

All Rapier Combat at Great Northeastern War will be conducted in accordance with the East Kingdom Rapier Combat Rules Inspections and authorizations will be available on Thursday,

Friday and Saturday. All times subject to change at the whim of weather, field conditions and Roving Royal Court.


Pickups & Learnings: We  will be facilitating and encouraging pickups and spontaneous lessons to foster good feedback, encouragement and of course, plenty of fencing. The ‘pick-up’ site is the small tent featuring the colorful ‘fish ‘o fence.’


3 pm – Field Opens.  Pickups and authorizations. Marshals Welcomed!

6 pm – Field Closes.


9 am – Field Opens. Pickups and authorizations.

5 Person Melees

10 am 1 War Point.

Sign-ups will begin as soon as the field opens in the morning. Each team will declare for a side, war point will be awarded to the last team standing.

Tavern Brawl

1 pm Located in the Barn.

Treachery, innovation and style are the watchwords of the day in the ever popular tavern brawl. We will run through a variety of scenarios, giving you ample opportunity to fight beside your friends … and stab them in the back.

Woods Battles

2:30 pm 1 War Point.

We are excited to host fabulous woods battles! We will feature both a capture the flag scenario as well as a travelers/brigands scenario.

If the weather is poor and we may not use the woods due to overly wet terrain, we will move to the field. Pennsic rules apply (knee walk to engagement, no running into engagement, and death from behind allowed).

4 pm – By the Book Prize Fight

It is our great pleasure to host our second annual exhibition tournament focusing on period form, weapons, and kit (points awarded to each category and more). Pomp and circumstance are welcome and encouraged. Please bring: A brief primer (one to two pages; three copies) on the period form you are using, weapons that are appropriate to said form, your best kit also in keeping with said form, and an audience. Each fencer will be asked to begin with a brief verbal description of their form and physically demonstrate two plates or actions from it.” Did we mention there would be prizes? Contact Maréchal Remy Delamontagne de Gascogne for more information.

5 pm – Field Closes.

Fencers After Hours

7 pm – Fencing Field area

Come socialize with your fellow sword slingers and recovering wire weenies from hell! Bring a few pops to savor or share, and a few “no spit, there I was” stories to tell.


8 am  Field Opens. Pickups and authorizations.

9 am  Pennsic Rapier Singles Tournament

The East Kingdom’s Rapier Singles Leaders will once again to host a tournament to help determine the makeup of this year’s Pennsic Champs team. Double elimination, bring your best weapons form. Each pass will be fought once, double-kills will be refought so as to make the tournament as clean as possible. (Note: winning the tournament does not guarantee a spot on the team).

9 am  Great Northeastern Novice Tourney

Open to all rapier fighters authorized on or after July 1, 2017. Tourney will be round robin format for the first round. Subsequent rounds will be determined based on number of participants. It is requested that combatants match form for those who are limited to single sword.

10:30 am  The Great OGR Mix’n’Match

Fencers will be split between OGRs (and MODified OGRs) and non-OGRs/MODified. Non-grant level fencers will be paired up with a random OGR in the field for a set period of fencing time, a set period of discussion/feedback/instruction, and then another round of fencing to finish things up before rotating to a new pairing. The intent is to offer a series of short, semi-organized training opportunities for non-grant level fencers, as well as the chance to meet various OGRs and get some one-on-one fencing and feedback in a non-tourney setting. The times will be kept somewhat short, but will hopefully open the door for more in-depth discussion throughout the rest of the weekend (and beyond!).

11:30 am 4th Annual Master Gregory Finche Memorial Cut & Thrust Tournament

In memory of Master Gregory Finche comes the fourth annual Cut & Thrust memorial tournament. It is asked that fencers donate an item to the prize pool in order to secure entry. This item must be handmade, either by you or another in your name. A limited number of sponsor prizes will be available for those in dire need prior to tourney start.

Final format will be dependent on the number of entrants, however we hope to have each bout be the best of three passes, scored by number of victories. Double kills will be re-fought.

12:30 pm  Field Battles 3 War Points 

A set of three scenarios: Capture the flag with limited resurrection; Timed open field with limited resurrection; Treasure Chest / Banners Scenario. (DFB allowed in all scenarios; knee walk to engagement, running allowed to engagement).

4:30 pm – Field Closes.

There will be no Sunday activities this year.