Merchant Listing XXXVI

Shop your way to victory! Your purchases in Merchant’s Row contribute to a War Point that goes to whichever side spends the most money. Forms for the War Point are available at each merchant’s booth or at Info Point. Forms must be turned in to Info Point or the Merchant Coordinator by 10am Sunday.

This list will be continuously updated, so check back again soon for more merchants!


To contact the Merchant Coordinator, please e-mail:

50 Shades of Thread
Embroidered sparky bags and award patches

Briar & Bone
An oddities shop that with a focus on natural science

Glass jewels with sew-on settings, silver and gemstone jewelry, striped socks and real gold thread for embroidery

The Celtic Woman
Feast gear, house hold feast boxes, baskets, sewing boxes, lighting. Everything for hearth and home.

Designs By Sparrow
Stoneware, Pottery & Sterling silver jewelry

Diabolis Bazaar
Saris, parasols, jewelry and assorted “Silk Road” finds

Faire Folk Oracle a Traveling Wagon
Oracle and rune readings, cottage wares, carved wooden items

The Far-Flung Potter

Feed the Ravens
Handmade, historical, documentable Viking age items

Heartsprung Steel
Metalwork, bucklers, rapier hilts, etc.

LnG Feirme ~ “The Shire of Niche”
Yarn and fiber arts supplies, handmade soaps, leather goods, cloth and trim, candles and much more!

Martin’s of Sheffield
Resale items, mostly feast gear

Fabric and Garments

Mhisty’s Coven Tree
Spiritual and metaphysical gifts

North Tower Archery Supplies
Archery related supplies, arrows, bolts, bows etc.

Proxima Design Cat Toys
Handmade cat toys

Sigrid and Magnus Leather Emporium
Belts, pouches, haversacks, hoods, Viking hats, jewelry, games, armoring hardware, other leather goods

Steel Wool
Jewelry. Leather, shirts, other stuff

Strongford Arts
Jewelry and accoutrements

Thor’s Hammer
Jewelry, metal work, spice boxes, archery supplies, belt blanks, spice boxed, camp furnishings.

Tinker’s Backpack
drinking horns, decorated feast gear, leather and leather goods, jewelry made by me, Anni, plus other handcrafted sundries

Trolgodite Services LLC

Walt-King Sticks & More