Rapier Combat

Please contact the fencing Marshal-in-Charge, , with any questions.

All Rapier Combat at Great Northeastern War will be conducted in accordance with the East Kingdom Rapier Combat Rules.

Rapier Combat Activities

There will be 5 Rapier War Points, plus many other non war point rapier activities. On Friday a Tavern Brawl, a Town Battle and a Reverse Snowball Tourney will take place. Saturday will host the field battles and 5 Man Melees. In addition, an opportunity to try out for a place on the Pennsic Champions team, as well as a Cut & Thrust tourney. Time for inspections and authorizations will be available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Field Battles (3 War Points)

A set of three scenarios, each worth 1 War Point: Capture the Flag with limited resurrection, no death from behind; timed open field with unlimited resurrection, death from behind allowed; and a timed, multi-point Hold Territory objected with unlimited resurrection and no death from behind.

5 Man Melees (1 War Point)

Teams of five fencers will assemble in a round robin tournament for plenty of fast paced fighting. Sign ups will be available beginning at field open on Saturday. The winning team will get to award a war point to the side of their choosing.

Town Battle (1 War Point

Each team takes turns at trying to burn down one of three structures, defined by having a fencer of the attacking side placing the “torch” in the holder in the center of the room. This is a timed battle where the winner will be determined as the team with the lowest time it took to claim victory.

Tavern Brawl

Treachery, innovation and style are the watchwords of the day in the ever popular tavern brawl. We will run through a number of different scenarios, giving you ample opportunity to fight beside your friends…and stab them in the back.

Valhalla Tourney

Also known as a Reverse Snowball tourney, this event begins as a Roman melee where all fencers begin in an inward facing circle. Once killed, you must leave the melee field, but remember who it was that killed you — when they in turn are killed, you may re-enter combat. This means that the victor must kill every other combatant consecutively, without being killed themselves. If the scenario looks to run over time, a freeze will be placed on further resurrections. No engagement to your immediate right and left until blades have been crossed, no death from behind.


Pennsic Singles Tourney

Want to make it on the Pennsic Rapier Champions Team? Now’s your chance! One of a series of tournaments, the results from this will help determine the makeup of this year’s team. (Though anyone can fight in the tournament, you’ll be asked if you plan on attending Pennsic and want to make the team.) Double elimination. Bring your best weapon form. Each pass will be fought once, double-kills will be refought. Nothing strange or fancy here. Hosted by Lord Lupold Hass. (Note: winning the tournament does not guarantee a spot on the team.)

2nd Annual Master Gregory Finche Memorial Cut and Thrust Tourney

This year we will once again remember Master Gregory Finche with a Cutting and Thrusting tourney! Please to bring three things:

1) Your list legal Cut and Thrust armor, weapons and authorization
2) Your best sense of honor and of humor.
3) A gift. Something made by your hand which you are willing to donate to the honor of the memory of Master Gregory. Bring more than one! Give them to prospective entrants who have no gift and secure them entry to the tourney as well!

The gifts will be displayed in a place of honor as we play. As the populace gather to gaze in awe and your genius for both creation and destruction, we will fight a round robin tournament. While the format will depend a bit on the number of entrants, we hope to have each bout be the best of three passes, with the overall score being an entrant’s number of victorious passes. Double kills will be refought until the victor is made plain or the marshals can’t stand it anymore.
Your prowess in the tourney determines your place at the close when each participant will, in due turn, select from the gifts created by their comrades and opponents. Thus will we honor the memory of Master Gregory and maintain the highest traditions of swordplay, creation and largess in the East!


This is a tentative schedule of activities for Rapier Combat at Great Northeastern War.

Please note that times may still be be subject to change.

3:00 – 6:00 pm: Field opens for pickups. Please bring your own marshal if possible.

9:00 – 10:00 am: Field opens for pickups and authorizations
10:30 am: Valhalla Tourney
1:15 pm: Tavern Brawl (located in the barn)
2:30 pm: Town Battle (war point)
5:00 pm: Field closes

9:00 am: Field opens for pickups and authorizations
10:00 am: 5 Man Melees (war point)
11:30 am: 2nd Annual Finche Memorial Tournament
1:30 pm: Pennsic Rapier Singles Tournament
2:45 pm: Field Battles (war points)
4:30 pm: Field closes