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Have a need for electricity? The site has electricity distributed in certain areas. Get a tag for your extension cord at Gate, the site charges $10 for electricity for the entire event, and we pass that cost on to you. Please ask at gate where the electric outlets are.

If you don’t need electricity and notice some outlets where you’d like to camp, please leave room for people to access them, thanks!.

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Volunteering at GNE

Looking for an opportunity to help out, meet some people and be a part of the history of Great Northeastern War? We have some signup sheets for times and places!

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Tent Stakes

Please make sure you have all the tent stakes you came with! In the past, the site owners discovered a number of tent stakes in the worst possible way — by driving over them with their lawn tractor. For the continued good will of the site owners, please help us ensure that the site’s equipment is not damaged by double checking to ensure you have taken all your stakes with you!

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Rubbish, Trash Disposal

Participants at Great Northeastern War are responsible for the disposal of their own garbage and cleanup of their campsites. Hebron Pines Campground provides a dumpster for garbage disposal, located at the top of the parking lot. If you need garbage bags, they are available at Information Point. When you are leaving, please check your camping area carefully for any trash or other items left behind. Lost and found items can be left at Information Point. Absolutely no garbage should be placed in grey water barrels, in port-a-potties, or the bath house. Bottles and cans purchased in Maine are subject to a 5-cent deposit, which is refundable when the bottles are returned to any bottle redemption center in the State.

Please do not dispose of anything other than human waste and toilet paper in the portable toilets. Every year, the folks who clean these units find disposable diapers, pet waste bags, feminine hygiene products, and even bottles and cans inside the tanks. These items can damage the equipment used to pump out and clean the toilets. Thank you for doing your part in helping keep the site clean.

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Grey Water Disposal

Hebron Pines campground, like all campgrounds in Maine, is subject to stringent grey water discharge regulations. Grey water (water used in washing dishes, runoff water from showers, and other types of wastewater that contains soap or food remnants) may not be dumped onto the ground. Collect all grey water from cooking and washing and dump it only at the designated grey water dumping stations. Improper disposal of grey water violates state and county health department guidelines, impacts the environmental quality of our land and water resources, and may result in hefty fines for Hebron Pines campground and the SCA, Inc.

Please wash dishes in your campsite and throw away any solids with your trash. The water should be put in the collection barrels next to the porta johns and bathhouse.

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Due to a change in campground rules, pets are no longer allowed at Great
Northeastern War. Service animals are, of course, still welcome.
Do not dispose of bags of animal waste in the portable toilets. The bags will
damage the equipment used to pump out and clean the toilets. Horses, poultry, or
other livestock are not allowed on site.

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