Fire, Firewood, Fireworks, Fire Performances

Great Northeastern War does not allow fireworks because of the danger of fire and personal injury. Use of fireworks at Great Northeastern War will result in your immediate eviction from the event.

Do not dig fire pits. Fires may be built only in the pre-built fire rings provided by the campground, or you may provide your own above-ground fireplace. Pre-built fire rings may not be moved for any reason. Do not dispose of ashes from fires unless they are completely cold. Failure to do so may cause a fire.

State regulations prohibit importing firewood from other states. Please plan to acquire your firewood as close to the site as possible. Do not cut branches from or cut down trees. A private vendor will be selling firewood on site. You may also purchase firewood from a number of stores in the nearby towns of Mechanic Falls, Poland, Oxford, and Lewiston.

Absolutely no tiki torches in the woods, under overhanging branches, or within 30 feet of the wood line.

Due to SCA rules and insurance requirements, we regret that we cannot have live fire performances, such as fire spinning or fire dancing. Performances with electrically lighted substitutes are acceptable and strongly encouraged.